Rory McDonald vs Nate Marquardt

I like the idea of this fight, both guys bring it.

Hope it happens at some point this year Phone Post

They are training partners as well right?

1) Rory is not a hipster, he is GQ.
2) Rory would fuck nate up.

Rory would handle Marquardt, I've no doubt about it.

Awesome fight. Nate takes it IMO Phone Post

1nto_the_ether - 1) Rory is not a hipster, he is GQ.
2) Rory would fuck nate up.

Hi Rory


Nate is going to tool the 170 class, gsp included, champ within 18 months Phone Post

Rory by rape. Phone Post

Easy fight for Rory.

Nate by whatever he wants. Phone Post

Condit is going to kick Rory's ass anyways. So it will be Condit vs Nate. And Condit would take that one too. But Condit nor anybody is beating GSP anytime soon. Phone Post

Lol @ all the trolls picking rory Phone Post

I'd feel confident betting on Nate.  He'd do what Carlos did when he and Rory fought.  Lose two rounds before coming back and fucking Rory up in the third.  Nate is great - pun intended.  

Isn't Nate an upgraded Rory Phone Post

Nate has better wrestling, striking, and jiu jitsu. Rory hasn't faced anyone with decent wrestling in the UFC at all. He would be fucked standing up as well since Nate is bigger and won't gas like BJ.

I think rory is stronger. I think he wins. Phone Post

TheRealMrBeefy - 

Rory by TKO. Nates a great fighter, but I just think Rory is a little more dangerous. Phone Post

Rory couldn't finish a dead BJ penn in that fight. The toughest guy Rory has finished in the UFC has been Mike Pyle.

AresSmashedPrahjuhdee - beating up a chubby 155er with a shit gas tank doesn't mean he can take a former MW.

Che Mills made Rory uncomfortable on the feet and shoot for a takedown, he won't be able to take Marquardt down.

I see your predictions on rorys fights are spot on Phone Post

C'mon now... Nate's still got to get through "Sponge" Saffiedine first... Ever try beating up a sponge?