Rory, regarding Jewish Heritage

hey Rory, in terms of you being Jewish and the guy with the huge ears being Arabic, was there any underlying heat or tension? Or is it simply a case of sportsmen having the sport be the common bond?

oh, gee I don't know. I mean the religons get along so well don't they.

That's stupid.

Although they don't show much of Danny Abbadi he seems like a cool guy. On his bio it says he is certified in Krav Maga and we all know where that martial art came from.

he does seem like a cool guy, didn't know about the Krav Maga. Hell he might not even be muslim. I work with many Arabs that are devout Christians. Regardless, it's a legitimate question based on very real misconveived notions that are very much rampant today.

think he's implying he's israeli

Danny is Egyptian as well as Muslim. Our religious differences never caused one issue between us. Shoot, we never even talked about religion on the show. That is one topic on which I don't like to speak.

Are Egytian Muslims slobs?

I'll ask the question a different way, Your Honor.

Was the guy who happened to be an Egyptian Muslim a slob?

thanks Rory.

sadic..Rory is a neat FREAK...we are ALL slobs in his (mega clean) world regardless of race or religion...

now please dust off your post and move along

Funniest thing is that I am so far away from being a neat freak. It is just hard to live in complete filth. If anything I am a complete filth freak. My mom, girlfriend, and sister-in-law all fell out of their chairs when they heard me described as a neat freak. It couldn't be further from the truth. I am clean but certainly not neat. A little mess is one thing, complete filth is another.

Some of the other fighters seemed to agree with u in the background, they are probably just building an angle.

"The world's problems don't always have to be personal problems.

Great line bro!

Excellent line.

a truly rare example you've given, but I applaud them.

"The world's problems don't always have to be personal problems."

I agree that that is a great line.

Keep in mind that Rory lives in GA.....hotbed for racism!!!!

go Rory!!!