Rory Responds to Kendall Grove


Even though I don't care for Grove, I say Kendall takes that fight.

"Even though I don't care for Grove, I say Kendall takes that fight"

LOL @ Me cause I misread this and thought something else....nevermind..I was just kidding but I ended up clowning myself.

I too think Kendall would kick Rory all over the octagon.

What was wrong with his statement, MIT? Just curious.

"lol" is just the standard response on here when someone says something completely reasonable that you wish you could find some way to disagree with, but can't

if nothing else, their performances against Ed Herman would lead you to believe that Kendall would have the edge over Rory. they've both gotten better since then but its not like anyone who favors Kendall is being stupid

Kendall is taking care of his carreer and I would love to see him get a rematch with riggs some day (maybe 2 fights from now, provided he wins em both)

he needs to keep taking one step at a time, until he's ready for the b+ level fighters. he will be great if he just keeps improving like he has been. Its a shame he doesnt have the reach to go with the height, but oh well.

TTT for Rory

Kendall vs. Rory would be an interesting fight no doubt. Let's hope the powers that be will make this happen!

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Why would Kendall call out Rory? Isn't Kendall above him in the pecking order, since he won TUF? Shouldn't he be fighting up?

I'm a Rory nuthugger, and think he'd have a very good chance in this fight, but it seems like this would be considered (by the UFC and most of the fans) a step back for Kendall.

kendall is a bad match up for rory. very bad

Rory is a good fighter but Kendall should be calling out guys above him, not below.

"Why would Kendall call out Rory? Isn't Kendall above him in the pecking order, since he won TUF? Shouldn't he be fighting up? "

the consensus opinion is that kendall wants easy fights cause he knows he can't take the top guys in his division, and he thinks Rory would be an easier fight

Rory Singer Responds to Kendall Grove & Talks About Haynes Fight
Submitted by: MMA Observer
Posted On 10/19/2006

The world of an Ultimate Fighter Reality Season participant who doesn't go home with a UFC contract can be uncertain. Sometimes they are there to build up other fighters and sometimes they are put up against some of their housemates from their season. Every fight is like their last because without a contract, you are only as good as your last win. Rory Singer knows that world and since showing an ounce of what he could do on reality television, he is now showing it all in reality. Singer took on the runner up to the UFC contract from the third season of Ultimate Fighter, Josh Haynes, and showed why reality television is surreal. Here is what Singer told ADCC News in regards to his fight with Haynes and Kendall Grove calling him out.

ADCC: Rory congratulations on your victory over Josh Haynes at Ultimate Fight Night: The Final Chapter. How good did you feel being as though this was the first time you went to a decision in a while? RORY: Winning by decision feels the same as winning by triangle in 44 seconds (laughs). Although I think that winning this fight, in the fashion I did, proved to a lot of people, including myself that I am mentally tougher then I showed on TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) three. I could have given up at any point in the second round but I did not. Fighting and winning in the UFC is one of the greatest feelings ever. I never go into a fight thinking I want to win a particular way, I just go in, fight my best and fight to win in whatever way possible.

ADCC: The fight was not televised so could you give us a description of the fight? RORY: First round saw us exchange some good punches and work in the clinch some without any takedowns. I landed some good knees and controlled the pace. Towards the end of the round I hurt him with some punches and then landed a very nice high Thai kick right to his face. I hit mostly with the top of my foot. It opened up a nice cut on and possibly in his nose. The second round started much like the first. He was bleeding a lot. I was scoring with my jab. He got a takedown early but decided to stand up and back out of my guard. At about the two minute mark he sat me down with a big overhand right that caught square to the top of my dome. I did my best to defend from his shots and tried to control him in my guard. He passed and I got my guard back. I was then able to kick him off and stand back up. (The) Round ended and it was definitely one round a piece. Third round started and I continued to land a lot of jabs which caused his nose to bleed continuously. The fight was stopped twice by Big John (McCarthy) to have the doctor look at the cuts on his face. We had some good exchanges. Josh fell down after throwing a leg kick and I attempted to take his back and slipped off with Josh in my guard. I again got my feet on his hips and pushed him off. He was bleeding all over me and himself. It made grappling very hard. We had some more exchanges and the fight ended with us on our feet in the middle of the octagon. It was a great fight and Josh is as tough as they come. I executed my game plan very well. I was far from perfect but got the job done. Josh and I shared 'Fight of the Night' honors.

ADCC: It has been reported that with that "Fight of the Night" award came with a cash bonus of $15,000. Is this true? RORY: A cash bonus was involved but the amount is for Josh and I to know.

ADCC: Back to the fight. You said that at the end of two rounds, it was one a piece. With that said, was there any urgency to end the fight just in case the judges saw the fight differently than you perceived it? RORY: There wasn't any urgency to finish the fight before it went to the judges. I just knew I had to continue to control the fight in the third the same as I did in the first. I controlled the center and landed a lot of big shots. I felt great in the third and kept up a good pace. I felt confident that I won the (last) round and that I would win the fight.

ADCC: You said earlier that you cut Haynes with a kick to the face. Before the fight started, your shorts were brown and white, but by the end of the fight, they were completely red. How much punishment did you and Josh take during that fight? RORY: All of the blood was Josh's. I only got a little cut to the side of my left eye. I have some black eyes and such bumps and bruises but I was never seriously cut open or bloodied. We beat one another up for fifteen minutes. It is bond to get bloody (laughs). By the way, thanks to Sprawl for those awesome shorts. They actually came almost completely clean in the wash (laughs).

ADCC: You were obviously mentioned later on that night after Kendall Grove defeated Chris Price. Grove called you out and wanted to fight you next. If you were in the Octagon with him at that time what would you say to him? RORY: If the UFC and the fans want to see a fight between Kendall and me, I would be more then happy to meet him inside the Octagon.

ADCC: How bad do you want that fight and do you think the UFC will offer you the opportunity to fight him? RORY: I would love the opportunity to fight Kendall . He is much improved since the show. I have improved as well. It would be a great fight and I think we match up well. We have similar skills and a history from the show. I think the fans would love to see it and would probably cast me off as the underdog. It is in the UFC's hands. If it happens, I will train as hard as ever and be very well prepared.

TUF winner challenges a TUF semi-final loser? Meh.

"consensus? no"

if you have a different theory i'd love to hear it

the 2 reactions i've heard are: 1) he wants easy fights cause he knows he's not ready for the big time and 2) "i have no idea why he would do that"

so the consensus is #1

Watch Rory's fight with Josh.

"Watch Rory's fight with Josh. "

I watched it and its definatly worth the 2 bucks on the UFC web site. Rory destroyed Josh for 3 rds, a very exciting fight.