Rory should leave Tristar

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I Got extendos, I GOT EXTENDOS! - I had it 2-2 but that was giving robbie rd 1 which was a coin toss so no issues with 3--1 Phone Post 3.0
Agreed. It was either 2-2, or Robbie 3-1 heading into the 5th imo.

R1 - Close round. Rory had volume edge.
R2 - Definitive Robbie round. Rory bloodied bad.
R3 - Looking like Robbie again, but Rory steals it with near fight-finishing flurry.
R4 - Rory continues assault but Robbie busts up Rory more and more and takes it back.

R5 - Robbie breaks Rory's face. Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure it ended in the 4th, which as you state, Rory continues assault, and could have made it 3-1 rory at that point if Robbie didn't come back and win.

No it ended in the 5th and this is a great recap of it Phone Post 3.0

I think we saw the best possible Rory, at this stage in his career, tonight, and don't think a change of gyms is the issue; he came close to finishing a SAVAGE of a fighter who just would NOT be denied tonight.

omlet de fromage - I don't know how the Judges could have had him up 3-1, IMO, and this is coming from a guy who wanted Rory to win, I thought he was down 3-1, maybe 2-2 because he did have a flurry to start round 4, but didn't do much the rest of the round.

Also can anyone actually say, other than the minutes in total that Robbie was hurt from that kick, that Rory actually did anything at all? And looked like the fighter he was right after he joined Tristar? He's becoming more and more reliant on a gameplan, which no one wants to see. Phone Post 3.0
He out landed Robbie nearly 2-1 in the first round.

He nearly stopped him in the third and fourth. And those where the most significant moments of those rounds. He got rocked in the third but not nearly as bad as he had Robbie hurt. Phone Post 3.0

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HandyDarsh - He was up 3-1 according to the judges I believe Phone Post 3.0

Really? I had that score but to Robbie. How did you guys have it? Phone Post 3.0

I had it 3-1 in the live thread and after a rewatch, I still had it 3-1 rory
He was winning that fight until he got finished imo

Robbie stole the 4th round with that epic stare down! What a moment! Phone Post 3.0