Rose Namajunas vs. Carla Esparza

If Dana could answer that question honestly without backlash he would happily send the women back to invicta.

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lol. I do remember someone calling it the “dud of duds” before I tuned out.

Anything honest you would say after that fight would just be awkward, “You both fought so timidly I have a hard time even calling that a fight. The fans are really pissed and I can’t say I blame them. What’s your side of the story?”

“Well you know, it is what it is. Yeah, I deserved to win though.”

Vacate the belt and give it to whoever wins between JJ and Zhang.


If I find the post fight interview between Rogan and Carla I’ll link it. He actually did basically say that to her. Lol. It was uncomfortable but respect to him for asking what everyone wanted to know.

even with d.c.


After hearing all the hubbub that this was the worst fight since Shamrock/Severn II, I watched some of the it today, and maybe it’s just me but if I had to pick a winner, I would say Rose. Carla would advance, Rose would hit a pitter-patter counter, and then make sure she was ten feet away. So, simply based on the volume of strikes, if you can call them that, I suppose that she should have “won.”

However, what REALLY should happen is Dana should vacate the title and banish them both to Invicta for a prolonged time out. No one should have been awarded a “victory” for that tripe.


lol. What a joke. The booing was awesome. Rotten tomato throwing would have been appropriate.


Rose is a great fighter who had 1 shit performance. I don’t judge people by their worst day alone.
Whitman is now a “sport killer?” GTFOH
I think he wanted to push her, but was too subtle about it. I wonder how much of his soft touch had to do with Pat being in the corner and seemed to be running things. Trevor shouldn’t be second chair.

He doesn’t need to. He can put the winner of Zang/Johanna against Carla and have a more exciting fighter as champ. Then just have Rose beat that person and we’re back to how things should be.

In my line of work you can get thousands of atta boys, it only takes one oh shit to erase them all. Fuck Rose and anyone that supports that bullshit on an $80 PPV. It’s embarrassing. I don’t give a shit what she’s done in the past. Retire if you don’t want to do your fucking job. I can’t go to work and say “But I did a certain thing 2 months ago, I shouldn’t have to do shit now.”


You’ve never made a mistake or fucked up at work? And the one time you did, did they tell you to retire? GTFOH
I’m glad Izzy didn’t follow your advice, same goes for Anderson.


The big problem is UFC culture and how it fosters fighters to have a fear of losing to the point where they will try and employ the most boring of strategies to win. In Japanese MMA it was very common to see fighters constantly blitz each other at all times for a finish, via knockout, submission, etc., because showing “good spirit,” was far more important to the Japanese public than someone’s win/loss record. I’m not saying that win/loss shouldn’t mean anything, but if bonuses, favorable treatment, etc, was given to fighters that constantly strive to put on all-out performances where they are constantly trying to finish, then we might see less of these silly fights.


All-time WORST title fight.
All-time WORST corner advice in a title fight.


I don’t recall very many, if any, counter combos landing. To me, this was like if you matched up Holly Holm with Holly Holm. 5 Rounds of air punching and bad feints.

Keep talking i got my sweat pants around my ankles and some sandpaper

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Izzy and Anderson are much tougher mentally.

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5 rounds for namajunas.

They each had like 1 takedown. Esparza was constantly trying and failing to get a takedown which is losing at “octagon control”

Namaunas was clearly better on the feet. Esparza throwing strikes 5 feet away from rose.

If strikes are negligible & 1 fighter tries takedowns and fails then that fighter must win.
It’s like if two boxers each land 3 punches a round but one fighter throws 100 and the other throws just the 3… the fighter that throws 100 must win because at least he tried.
Is Carla didn’t win it’s hurts the sport as it rewards attempting nothing other than stopping your opponents output.
A failed takedown is like a failed strike attempt.
It’s worthy little.
But it’s worth more than whatever the hell rose was doing


What does that have to do with if their fights are exciting, or that it’s retarded to suggest she should retire after her first ever boring performance?
Better yet, can you name a UFC fight of Rose’s (post Ultimate Fighter) that wasn’t exciting?

IT’s interesting that you talk of mental toughness.
I might submit that a guy that took steroids and got in the ring, busted multiple times, isn’t as mentally tough as you say. I might also suggest that she might be mentally tougher than a fighter who got his belt taken the first time and was never good again. She got hers back, and defended it.

Yeah, they might have retired after the trauma she had to overcome in the bus incident.

come on seriously GIF