Rose sucks at rematches

Destroys Joanna first time, barely won the second (thought she lost).

Destroys Weilli first time, barely won the second (thought she lost).

Carla wrestle fucks and destroys her even worse the second time.

She also barely won against that one boy. Started to get destroyed at the end, barely survived.

Barely winning is still winning.


I gave Zhang the first 3 rounds of the rematch

A Rose by any other name

More accurate would be she’s not as dominant in rematches. She still won all 3 (even if one was debatable).

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All were debatable.

Don’t know why she gets the hype that she does. She basically sucks and loses, then wins with a huge upset, then rinse & repeat.

You’re a bit weird bro.

Super weird. You hitting on me?

Ok you are weird but to be fair, just checked mma decisions for the Joanna rematch and I’m fact, 4/20 had it for Joanna so about 1/4 and 1/3 of the writers had it for Weili. None scored it for Andrade tho (about 95% had it 2-1 Rose).

So clearly she is not as good in rematches but she not only won all 3, the writers overwhelmingly had her winning all 3 has well.

Fact is she beat the other top 3 straw weights, the best 2 of them twice and finished the best 2 1/2.

All true, but she sucks at rematches.