ROSS and Weight Training


I was wondering what kind of strength training
ROSS pratitioners do in addition to the joint
strengthening drills. For example, do you typically
deadlift or work with kettlebells? If so, what kind of
goals do you think are appropriate (ex. 2x body
weight on deadlifts)?




That is totally the realm of the individual and their goals. There are many people like myself who are Knuckledraggers (especially Shawn Menard, who has more dirt under his nails than I do!)

Yes, I do DL (though not within this period) and KB (like exercise).

For advice on DL, go to and ask my friend Pavel.




Are the Knuckledraggers still planning on releasing that book?





cool, thanks Scott.

What's a knuckledragger?

Really....what does it mean?


A man, or a woman, that realizes it is not what you fight WITH but what you fight FOR that makes you a warrior. Being a Knuckledragger is more about Tribal Strength than merely being "strong" in the gym or being the best fighter in your dojo or school.

In that last paragraph, it may sound like I am putting down certain people in the gym and some fellow martial artists. Perhaps I am. Walk into any gym or dojo and you will see who I am talking about. The showboats that walk around like they own the place. While they have worked hard to achieve the levels of strength (or what might appear to be strength to someone that doesn't know any better) or skill at a certain martial art, they use these attributes to INTIMIDATE those around them.

Watch these people for a while and you will see what I mean. In the gym they hog equipment, make loud comments about other lifters that aren't as "strong" or as "big" as they are and when asked a question they make it clear that they can't be bothered by the "commoners" in the gym. In the dojo, it's the same thing. The high ranking bully that torments the junior belts, not to make them stronger, but because he it makes him feel good to dominate those that are weaker. Both of these clowns will have their followers and groupies. They will pass on their warped mentality to the next generation and the cycle will perpetuate.

In my humble opinion, the Knuckledragger is the braggart's nemesis. The Knuckledragger is rarely the celebrated hero on the magazine cover. More often than not, he is the quiet hero that is recognized by someone after a significant event or after a lifetime of living like a real man or woman.

If you want examples of Knuckledraggers, ask Tony Blauer and Scott Sonnon. Tony has plenty of stories that deal with people that have defended themselves, or their loved ones, against armed assailants, multiple assailants or someone, that by all means, should have killed them. How did these people survive these encounters? Did they say "I'm a bad mofo and I can kick this guys ass?" Probably not. Chances are, thought "I have a child that needs me to come home. There is no way in hell this psycho is going to take me away from my baby." These people are no longer strong for themselves, they are strong for someone that needs them to be.

I once read the story of a man that competes in world class triathalons with his quadraplegic son towed behind him in a sled or buggy. This guy would NOT compete if they didn't allow him to have his son with him. This guy is not competing to get big sponsors or endorsements. He competes because he is being strong for his son.

Enson Inoue, my instructors brother, friend, mentor and hero of mine, fought Igor Zinoviev in a recent Pride. Igor is a renowned punching machine and ended up rupturing Enson's eardrum with a head shot. After a brutal first round, Enson was unable to continue. He took a severe pounding and had to be carried to his corner. Before he left the ring, he was given a chance to speak to the crowd. Standing in the middle of the ring, with his face swollen from Igor's punches and barely able to stand from the loss of balance due to the ruptured eardrum, Enson apologized to the fans. He apologized for his heart not being strong enough to beat Igor and letting his fans down.

I cried as I watched Enson that night and I'm moved to tears whenever I recall what he did then. Enson fights the way he does because he is a WARRIOR, not for some self-promoting notion or egotistical desire to pat himself on the back. Enson is strong because I need him to be strong. He is a living example, for me, of a modern day warrior and when he says I need to do something then I know that I better do it and if I do, I have a chance of being like him. A man.

Braggarts are strong so they can INTIMIDATE. Knuckledraggers are strong so they can MOTIVATE. Be strong for someone other than yourself, so that they can learn from your example and become better than they presently are. Be strong so that they can overcome any challenge in their lives.

When you can put aside any self-promoting desire for strength and you can truly be strong for others, you will be on the Knuckledragger Path. I'll post the link to the original thread that Scott posted on regarding being a Knuckledragger and you can go from there. Take care bro and I hope you do well.


Thank You.