ROSS Fighter Victorious NHB Debut

Help me congratulate our up and coming champ! You'll be seeing a great deal more from Shawn in the future!

A ROSS champ...Excellent!


There's a mirror post on the UG. Help give Shawn a pat on the back and give him a TTT!

TTT, pat pat pat.... :)

Here is where Shawn trains:

Tucker, GA
(basically part of Atlanta area)
Live-In facility with total hardcore fighter lifestyle and great
instructors. Mat room, Heavy bags, weight room, ringside
ring, cage . . . . .

ask for Kevin Jakub

Cal Cooper

Congrats for the NHB victory under the ROSS lineage :)

Thank you.

Nice guy. Met him prior to his first fight. Sorry to see him lose this week but AM fights are just a testing ground.

The only undefeated fighters are those who do not compete. Welcome to my Q&A, Adam. Did you compete at the event?

Congrats. . .!!!



Hey Scott Nice to be here. Actually I coached one of my fighters to his Pro debut win the same night Shawn fought his first fight. I am not one to compete. So I guess I will be undefeated forever.


Congrats on your coaching and your athlete's fortune.