Ross has a new article and video

"What's his pro record?"

I'm just an old coach.

Just an "old" coach? Really? How old are you?

Randy still kicked ass in his 40s - as do some athlethes in MMA and the NHL.

BTW thanx for all the inspiration and all the tips!

I'm not passing jugdment. I too like to train like a maniac yet dont plan to compete in fighting sports. You just seem so much more fit and boxing savy than myself and most if not all the people I know that we project you'd be great at pro boxing even at your current "venerable" age, whatever it is!

Ha! Don't take me too seriously. I'm just messing around.

I'm serious about being a coach however. I had bad hands when I was younger (3 broken hands, broken arm, ligament damage, etc.) so hung up the gloves and now train others.

Huge fan of Ross's stuff. I think it's the least gimmicky and most content-rich stuff available on the web nevermind catering to fighters.

i absolutely feel the need to train after watching or reading anything on ross' site. incredibly informative...yes, motivating...yes, no bullshit...damn straight

Hey Ross, just ordered your infinite intensity book. All I can say is, best book of its kind and does a great job of integrating cardio & weights for a truly functional workout.

BTW: I met you about 4 yrs ago at the San Juan Center, aka Jeffrey Dresslers Arena in Hartford, as well as the community center (in E. Hartford I believe). I used to train with Pepe Vasquez where I trained BJJ. RIP: he was a great coach.

great stuff

"I used to train with Pepe Vasquez where I trained BJJ. RIP: he was a great coach."

Damn straight man. I still can't believe he's gone. I spoke to him the day before he died. It came on out of nowhere. Pepe was the man.

BTW - We are in East Hartford now. The community center was in Windsor. They closed down last summer. Political BS forced the boxing program to move elsewhere.


Thanks DarrenJG - As for location, I moved to Vernon 2 years ago, but we always trained out of Hartford, now East Hartford.

4 words for you

de ca th lon

Ross: I moved to Atlanta about three years ago, and one of my friends called to tell me the news about Pepe. I really couldn't believe it: he was in such great shape for his age. I remember he used to spar everyone in class, one after another. If you could have seen the people Pepe trained when they first started, and six months later, you wouldn't have believed the progress everyone made. He held nothing back, and everyone had so much respect for him.

When I come back to CT I'll try and stop by the gym. Are you avialable for private lessons? I know you trained with some other great coaches (e.g. Willie Pep)and would look forward to learning from you.

Hoffa - Let me know when you are in CT. It's not a public gym, but you could get in.

canuck34 - Keep the reps somewhat low for the clap pushups. There are three claps actually, but start with just a clap behind the back. I have an article on the site called 'Video Clip Logic' which talks about it.

Ross is awesome, has helped me via email with many boxing scenario things, truly appreciated.

The guy is a sick athlete obviously, works very hard too... what amazes me about his videos isn't the explosiveness he has in his moves, but it's more the power-endurance. It's like his fast-twitch fibers don't get tired. Sick!


decathlon and probably weightlifting in Beijing

The type of guy that can "explode" over and over like that is not a fun opponent...


Please tell me he is over 170lbs. If that's his weight, I suddenly feel like a flabby, ineffective slacker. I'm 167, and no way could I dumbell snatch that...probably wouldn't even get half of that. Yikes. :(

Mr. Enamait,

You should seriously looking into competing in the Japanese atheletic show called 'Sasuke'.  It's being broadcast in the US on the G4 network under the title 'Ninja Warrior'.

Here is a thread with clips of some of the obstacles.  I think you would kick much ass in this competition given some of the videos on your site: