In my limited training in ROSS, i noticed something
( Other than people look at you funny when you are diving face down on to cement ). In ROSS, all the advanced concepts of other martial arts are explained logically, scientifically, and can be reproduced.

At one of the seminars i attended where Scott was one of the instructors, it hit me. These masters who were teaching were astounding with their skills, but they did not fully understand why they could throw people
effortlessly or why if they were completely relaxed they were far more powerful. They managed to instill these skills to their students, but they still stressed that it took them a life time to figure out these principles.

Scott was up to "share" ROSS next.
What blew me away were the explanations of principles.
I mean sure, i had to have a SONNON to English dictionary with me, but i got it. The information that was passed was not just a "trick" that demonstrates a principle, but the actual principle. Lots of martial arts say that they teach in this method, but further investigation proves otherwise. Everything that made these masters so effective was right there. Balance manipulation, relaxation, efficency in movement. These mastes were to a degree ROSSful, it just took them decades of blood, sweat and tears to get there.

I know what you mean. After meeting Mr. Sonnon and his staff I was blown away by how they and ROSS itself are beautifully expressive and are able to clearly and simply state what other arts choose to mystify. Once you engage the language of ROSS you find the simple truth of movment and performance.

Shawn Mozen