Ross Pearson Interview

Ross is a nice guy and all...but in the TUF final Andre Winner had been sick for a couple of days before...was still sick and weak at the time of the fight and came in underweight due to dehydration due to sickness...and it was a close fight....a fit Andre would destroy him in EVERY range...we gotta watch Andre Winner...I reckon if he can fire himself up for the Roli Delgado fight Andre will KO him.

Best of luck to Ross as well!!

I know it may be a weak card for US fans but from where I'm from UFC 105 is looking ACE!

I personally know Andre (I was his school teacher)...have fought on same events as Bisping, have met and spoken with Dan Hardy, Ross & Nick O'...and am fired up for Paul Kelly...Plus one of my very best friends is cornering 3 of those fights....I may have said this already :-P

"a fit Andre would destroy him in EVERY range"

Destroy???Hmmmmm thats a bit of a stretch. The fight was close and Ross and Andre are friends train together and know each others game inside out,so im sure even Andre wouldnt think he would "destroy" Ross as you put it in every range.

NorthFromHere - Pearson is a genuine guy, who really likes to scrap. No hype, no bullshite. Just work and fight. I respect hardworking guys like Ross and I wish all the best for him.