ROSS without prior MA experience

Since I own about 90% of the ROSS videos, I'll chime in with my two cents.

To give you context, I own an extensive library of instructionals including 80% of Tony Blauer's material, most of WMA's series, Ralph Gracie's series, Straight Blast gym series, etc.

Scott's IOUF, Shockability, and now Arthrokinetics helps me look at my more traditional instructional tapes with a more conceptual eye and helps me dissect the effectiveness and subtleties of various "techniques" taught. The tapes are advanced in the sense that they go far beyond the "Response A for Stimulus B" approach of technique tapes. They are essential basics in the sense that they explain the underpinnings of HOW and WHY things work in the context of biomechanics and psychophysiology.

So my advice to you. IF you are on a budget as a student, I'd recommend first and foremost the Grappler's Toolbox. To this day after owning it over a year, I have yet to master everything in it. It covers not only the drills, but the underlying concepts that Scott builds upon in his more targeted series. Spend 6 months solely on drilling the hell out of what's taught on that series before purchasing the others.

IF you have discretionary funds at your disposal, then go for one of AMEROSS's package deals that include the videos that interest you. THEN still spend at least 3 months studying and drilling the hell out of the Grappler's Toolbox before you even open the other series. Treat the GT as your prerequisite course and IOUF, Shockability and Arthrokinetics as electives to be studied later.

As an aside, if you there is one tape you MUST have from the Zdorovye series its the Dykhaniye Respiratory Enhancement tape. Being someone who hates "cardio" it has gone a long way in improving my endurance and fear-reactivity during training.

Outside of ROSS, I suggest you explore Tony Blauer's work as well as Matt Thornton's Functional JKD series since you state your primary interest is in Civilian Self Defense. They are also excellent examples of conceptual instruction as opposed to rote instruction.

Good luck to you...



Hello Scott!

I've been reading most of the posts and threads on the Amerross forum/archives and also this Q&A. To say that I am interested in the ROSS Training System is a big understatement.

A bit about myself. I've been interested in Martial Arts since...ermmm, watching all those kung fu movies years and years ago, probably since I was 8-ish. I'm almost 20 now. I did a bit of Tae Kwon Do when I was 16, but I don't count that as real MA training since the club I went to was or probably still is of the McDojo type. I probably learnt more about martial arts from reading books and articles, than my whole attendance at that club. I became really cautious from then when it comes to picking the training environment, since I invested a lot of money and time for nothing. The strange thing is most other clubs I went to were no better than the TKD club I used to train in. Anyway, enough about that.

ROSS from my limited understanding of what I've read is about returning autonomy and self-mastery to the individual by not teaching rote techniques, but instead through biomechanics, doctrine, strategy and tactics. INNOVATION, IMPROVISATION, CREATING TECHNIQUES on the spot. From reading your work, I want to purchase all the video series by Amerross and the H2H Combat Manual by that General guy. I know that proper training can only be achieved by attendance at class, camp or seminar. But for the mean time, I am so busy with university, work and stuff. Hopefully in the future, I can go to a seminar in the UK with the Head Trainer, Matthew...something.

Since I had no proper MA experience, will I still benefit from IOUF, ArthroKinetics, Shock-Ability, Bayonet, PAE and later when it's released Fistcuffs? My main interest for these series is civilian self defence, since I live in a rough area where fights are too common. And how can I integrate IOUF, Artrokinetics and Shock-Abilility together? If I'm not making any sense, I when when do I use concepts from one, and when do use concepts from the others? My brain hurts after too much studying, so I'll leave it for now. Keep up the good work. Thanks


That's cool, but that's not what you asked.

The distinction is important. If you were asking if I thought my system of Non-Violent Postures that help divert and deflect in-coming sucker punches as well simulataneously setting you up to launch a 'first-strike' advantage based on CWCT when negotiation fails was a good idea...well, my last post would've been a verbose: Yes.


Raptor, you [and perhaps others] need to cut me some slack when I pen philosophical ramblings.

Did you learn anything from the time and energy I took to reply? That's all that's important. Was there a realization regarding beliefs and tacitcs?

FOcus on this for a moment: I replied totally about belief systems and you answered me with a physcial discription??? Two ships passing in the night?

Are we talking about the same situation? Yep. Are we talking about the same thing. No.

The mind navigates the body.



Sorry haven't gotten to this yet neckcranku...I will soon.


p.s. why is the order of the posts on the thread appearing in reverse?