rotator cuff exercises

I know this topic has been done to death but would just like a bit of advice...
What do you reckon of the above exercises? I was doing some I got off the Internet from some portugeuese site and there were a lot more than here..
Basically I want to know what are the essential exercises...I know that if you do some and neglect others it leaves the shoulder unstable as there are lots of different muscles in there.

"...Basically I want to know what are the essential exercises..."

Essential for what? The rotator cuff is comprised of four different that have varying actions. You did not state a single thing about your specific condition; and therefore no one can really know what you need help with.

basically I have dislocated my left shoulder a few times.The specialist told me that if I wanted to continue doing jujitsu I had to either strenghthen all the muscles to try and prevent this happening again or have surgery...From the MRI I had he said there seemed to be little damage except maybe to the cartlidge but he said as I am tall and am someone with very flexible and unfortunately weaker than average joints, it is probable it will happen again and could cause serious damage next time...
So I would like to strenghthen the whole shoulder to try and prevent this happening again.I like jujitsu but am not prepared to have shoulder surgery for it because of the huge disruption it would cause.
On the link I provided there are 4 exercises...On the sheets I printed out a long time ago there are maybe 10 exercises so I just wondered if the ones from were inadequate.
I did actaully order the "7 minute rotator cuff solution" from but the fuckers debited my card for $20 for the book, plus $30 for the postage ( i live in japan) and i never recieved it...NEVER USE THEM IF I WERE YOU