rothwell stoppage SUCKED!

I think the outcome was pretty much inevitable, but it was a bad stoppage and unfair to Ben. Cain is a monster though. 

TOWE, I just meant they weren't rocking him. If U think they were then that makes me laugh.

If they were, why was he on his way up and not on his way down?

The little shots when the fight was stopped were not hurting him. I agree with that. It was stopped early but Ben was being completely dominated anyway. And i cant stand Velasquez. What if a whiteboy went into the cage with a WHITE POWER tat across his chest? he would be a racist fuck.

Douche - Rothwell got raped and traded for a pack of newports by Cain


Maz was wrong for stopping the fight at that point.


Premature stoppage, but Rothwell can't exactly claim to have been robbed or anything. Velasquez was running circles around him. I disagree with SM's decision, but commend him for looking out for fighter health. SM is a good ref and absolutely does not deserve comparison to the supertard Miragliotta.

I put this stop in the same realm as GSP/Serra II--controversial and a bit early, but not so much so as to diminish the ref's reuptation or call into question the legitimacy of the win. If anything, I think it's LESS controversial than Dean's stoppage of Mir/Nog.

I'd suggest Rothwell pay a visit to Meril Hodge (NFL fullback), Mohammed Ali, or any number of other athletes whose long term health has been crushed by head trauma before he complains too much about the stop... 

"Premature stoppage, but Rothwell can't exactly claim to have been robbed or anything. Velasquez was running circles around him."

Its a fight, it ain't over til its over and it doesn't mean shit that Cain was winning..Lots of people have been winning to only get ktfo or subbed...Christ, did ya see sak's fight? With a premature stoppage there is NO WAY to know who would win. So quit acting as if it is a given..


 saku was getting destroyesd and couldnt defend the shots, they coulda stopped it. then he won by kneebar

"Even Cain thought it was a premature stoppage"


steve is a fucking useless ref. it would have been hard to pick a worse time to stop the fight. he should be dragged out back and shot

bad fucking stoppage

really bad

Come on guys, You know how is goes when Steve"I stop fights on a whim because I am more nervous than the fighters"Mazzagatti is running the show.

Consider it a miracle that he actually let it go that long.

even if ben was getting hit, cain's punches didn't seem to stop ben from standing up. mazagatti always stops fights at the wrong time, it's amazing how he's able to keep reffing the PPV fights with his constant fuck ups.

Early stoppage. The ref should have let it go on so Velasquez could crush him convincingly.