Rothwell wins in Japan

"Big" Ben Rothwell defeated Japanese K1 Fighter Nobu Hayashi from Chakuriki Gym sunday in Japan under Shootboxing rules by 3 round U Dec.

Shootboxing is Kickboxing with throws & standing submissions.

Ben is 2-0 in Kickboxing now.

Ben trains with Pat Militich during the week & trains Kickboxing on the weekends with me. Pat has taken him to the next level.

Expect great things from him in the MMA ring soon. His fighting in Atlantic City next month in Euphoria again.

Congrats Bro!


nice job congrats

Anyone under Pat and Duke are the real deal in my book.

Congrats to Rothwell, Duke, Pat and everyone involved.


Big Ben is the real deal no doubt.

ttt for Rothwell!


ps can Duke get a green name?

Congrats to Ben!

Nice Job Ben!!

ttt for MFS and congrats to Ben Rothwell...


good job Ben!!!!
ttt mfs

congrat ben

Hi Ryukyu,

Jason retired at the end of 2001 to pursue a career in acting. He resides in LA now. The last time we spoke he told me he was in a few upcoming indie-action films.

He was a little small for k1 these days 6ft 215lbs. He is great guy & missed here.

fcfkruse, Ben has matured both mentally and physically over the past year. I not only think Ben is already UFC material, I think in the next 18 months he could realistically be the UFC HW champ. Congrats Ben you deserve it my man!

Pat O`Mally is right. Ben will be a major threat in the UFC or where ever he goes. Good job Ben!

TTT for Ben