Rotisserie over wood fire question

I rigged a charbroil rotisserie to mount onto my PK classic grill.

I plan on putting a chicken on there and roasting over oak.

Should I put the chicken directly over the fire? Or move the wood to the sides?

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I’d say over the fire but not too close and keep it turning.

Hard to say without seeing your setup. If there’s enough distance to prevent flare-ups then you can put it directly over the fire but genereally the answer is to move the wood to the front or back to keep even heat.

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I love that grill. Should be simple once its set if theres too much sizzle. Id put the wood to the sides then adjust. Its easier to just rake coals then making 2 mounds after the fact

I think I am going to go with this route.

It is a great grill. It makes me really happy. I smile just knowing it is there.

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In for pics. IF my Weber 22” ever dies, I want that PK.

ill post pics on Monday. ill probably post it on my IG too.

The PK is awesome. I was torn between a Weber and PK.

I had a Weber before and it was awesome, but I like the design of the PK Classic, the larger cooking space due to the shape, and endorsements from Alton Brown and Aaron Franklin didn’t hurt.

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