rotor question

i got new rotors 13 months and 12,000 miles ago. I just went in for inspection and they said i need new ones. turns out the ones the other place put on were the wrong size. the inspector said they wore out so quickly because they were the wrong size. I have a couple questions:

  1. Does this seem like a really short amount of time for rotors to be worn down to nothing?

  2. If so, is this caused by the wrong sized rotors (too small)?

  3. Should the dealership where I got the work done replace the rotors for free? If not, what would be a fair thing for them to do? Half Price?

if the rotors were the wrong size they would not have fit or functioned at all for this long. they may just have used very very cheap or even used parts when they did the work

2 different places have told me that they are the wrong size. both said they were too small. if it was one place i would tend to believe you, but two?


they put the one's on for the wrong vehicle and they are going to replace them for free

I have 135,000 miles on my Acura rotors and they are still within specs, I have 197,000 miles on my Honda rotors and they are still within specs. Specs is the thickness of the rotors. Cheap rotors start out as thin. Many of the rotors today are throw away rotors because they start out thin and you can't turn them. When they get thin, they don't get rid of the heat and they warp and then your brakes start chattering.

too small or too thin? if they were too small they just simply wouldnt fit.

I would never run rotors or pads that long anyway even if they were in spec. brake parts even top end stuff like Brembo and EBC are cheap enough to just replace every 60-80k, assuming you can do the work yourself and not pay someone $300+ to do the labor for you