ROTR Hilo results?

Sorry, haven't been here for a few day's but I was
wondering of anyone knows the results from
Saturday's Rumble On The Rock?

The UG is never the same without you! Welcome back to cyber-space.

Abraham Robison (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Jerry Saribay (Bull's Pen)
Submission due to rear naked choke at 3:00 minutes in Round 1.

Robert Villapondo (808 Fight Factory) def. Ashton Castro (Young Guns DeLuta Club)
Unanimous Decision

Paul Laga (Bull's Pen) def. Eric Beach (BJ Penn's MMAA)
TKO, Beach could not answer Round 2.

Abraham Cortes-Kalaupa (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Gavin Mata (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)
KO at 1:27 minutes in Round 1.

Mark Rodriguez (Rudy Valentino) def. Pete Sefo (808 Fight Factory)
Verbal submission due to strikes from the cross position at 20 seconds in Round 2.

DJ Delfin (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Eric Devers (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)
TKO, referee stoppage due to rear naked choke (Devers was about to go unconscious) at 49 seconds in Round 1.

Mike Aina (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Mike Bickers (Vendrell's Martial Arts)
KO (right hook) at 22 seconds in Round 2.

Kaleo Padilla (Koden Kan/Kona Boxing) def. Mark Moreno (Bull's Pen)
Unanimous Decision

Kaynan Kaku (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory)
Unanimous Decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds.

Robert Villapondo (808 Fight Factory) def. Abraham Robison (BJ Penn's MMAA)
Majority Decision

Ross Ebanez (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Shawn Beckett (Fusion Fight Team)

Chael Sonnen (Team Quest) def. Homer Moore (Brausa Academy)

Damn...seems like Penn's guys are pretty good :) That's as close to a sweep as you can get.

Thanks sexz !


mark moreno lost again? geez.

kaleo padilla kicked mark mareno's ass!! big time... thats my

TTT for Kaleo!!!!!!!!

congrats to kaynan...
was lucky enough to get to meet him when him and BJ were down for the Rigan Machado seminar we had...

Kaynan was a super nice guy despite taking all the vegetables out of his sumo-burger so he could finish it... lol :) j/k j/k... congrats again Kaynan

kaleo kicked mark mareno's ass! mark had a left broken wrist.
and brused ribs and legs. THATS WHAT I HEARD JUST
rushed to the hospital three in the morning the day after.
kaleo would kick anybody's ass at 170 standing. all his fights
are all
knockouts! be affraid of the (pervert) padilla.

Mark's leg is fine his ribs is fine he broke his left knuckle early in the first round that's why he switched to southpaw but he's OK Good job and gameplan by Kaleo awesome fight.

hey 1gumby you think that kaleo would stand a chance with da boss at 170? Da boss has had better opponents than kaleo did, and don't forget that kaleo lost badly to shannon ritch. Da boss destroyed him. So tell me who you think would win. I think right now Da boss is probably #1 in 170 on the rumble...

For those who do not know the format of the Padilla V Moreno it was PRO-X.

Our new format (PRO-X) is 3 minute rounds with no ground and little stalling. There are standing submissions. Only 15-30 seconds in the clinch unless there is complete action. The reason for this format is to see some banging big time.

From this Rumble on we will always have at least one PRO-X fight along with one four man tournament.

Have a happy new year and be safe


mistress to be honest in my opinion not to take anything
away from both fighterers. kaleo is a great stand up fighter
but limited on the ground. thats why shannon won. and the
boss is great up or down. as far as the question who would
win. you would have to ask them that. as far as I know they
are friends.

1gumby you are right kaleo has a good stand up but needs to learn the entire fight game. You were saying that they are friends? I think thats one of the problems in hawaii. That Hawaii guys know each other and make friends with all the fighters at any show. That they would have limited opponents because they are all friends. It would be hard to fight a friend you think..

MISTRESS.true true it is hard to fight each other. hawaii
guys know each
other or at one time trained at each other schools. I know
ross trains at gold gym in kona and trains at the kona boxing
club when he is in kona working and kaleo trains at kona
boxing club. by the way local fighting local ah not to good
you know like make bad blood. fight the guys from mainland
more better. get the locals known we get talent just got to get
out there.

bj penns school looks like they do produce alot of good fighters. except for one guy who has a 0-2 record eric beach. I guess that you have to be damn good to represent the world champions academy.. hey Legends, who is going to fight in the next rumble? Or even pro x fight?

Just got back from ROTR and I can't believe there isn't more press on this show. They really put on a great show. The production was awesome and they had a very impressive lineup of good matched up fights.

They were very professional and are running a show like it needs to be run with the long term in mind, not how much can I make on this one show. Even after the fights were over they went out of there way to make the rest of our trip in Hawaii pleasant.

If you get a chance to see one of these shows you won't want to miss it.

Robert Follis
Team Quest

1gumby, I was just wondering how Kaleo got the nickname, "Pervert". I was trippin out when I heard it at ROTR3.

Congrats to all the Hilo boys.

Guys update for Mark Moreno it seemed his leg turned into a hematoma from the leg kicks and got hard like a rock. They cut his leg open to drain the fluid and had 30 stitches. He said he will be out 2 weeks and is ready to get back into to the gym.