ROTR Press Conferences (pics)

Here are some photos from the ROTR press conference that took place last night.  More photos at

Carlos Condit VS Frank Trigg

Yushin Okami VS Jake Shields

Aaron Aguilera VS Butterbean

Koji Yoshida VS Ray Cooper

Kazuhiro Hamanaka VS Cabbage

Kuniyoshi Hironaka VS Charuto

Lee Segak VS Scott Junk

Check out the multimedia section of  We will also have weigh-in pictures up later tonight.

TTT for a great fight card.

Looks like an awesome card. GregHonda, are you the owner of MMAPremium?

Butterbean is in the tournament?!

"Butterbean is in the tournament?!"

No No, there are other fights on the card besides tournament fights.

top two pics are the finalist in the 175# tourney. other pics are the "hawaii" vs "japan" pics w/ the exception of lee who i believe is korean.

Greg, could you shoot me an email at

anybody else think koji looks like a ferengi?


Email sent.



"anybody else think koji looks like a ferengi?"

Wow, its true.

Hamanaka is getting fat

Butterbean looks MEAN, straight up!

butterbean looks powerful as hell

thats an awesome card!

butterbean =


How much weight did BUTTERBEAN cut for this fight? He looks somewhat drawn, but Im sure he'll rehydrate.