ROTR Weigh In Photos

I still have to resize the images and delete some blurry ones but until then here are the pictures ENJOY!


u mean i got to go through all that for th pic. HELL NO LOL!!

sexz if u see bj or any of those guys tell em i said wassup..and wassup to you 2 sistah


Awesome - thanks for sharing! :)

Mel Murrey vs Danny 'hard as' Steele

Brennan there are good photos of Ron with the Santino so go through them buddy!

What????? No pics of HMC Fighters????

LOL look good Kevin you'll see HMC fighters

Hey RG feel free to use any of the Team Quest guys on the site!!!

sexz did you take the pics?

Thanks sexz! I think I'll post the link to your photobook. PitMaster didn't look too pleased to be having his photo taken! LOL!

Hell yeah.

Good luck to Mike Rogers and Steve Berger.

didn't bsf say marsh had chicken legs in his cartoon? don't look like that to me... they look bigger than most.

Sexz- do you ever work or what?lol

Jon Li I took em wtf happened to you we were supposed to party in vegas you DITCHER some braddah you are J/K!RG no problem I told you I'd have pics for you sorry it didn't come out really good though!Dhira if you check out my profile theres a link to my pictures in there

JD yes I work!!! LOL

hehe bum bai next time guarantee..are you coming up next month?

When? he he