Rottweiler chases and attacks young girl

Rottweiler’s are great. It just sucks that their life expectancy is so short.

Rottweilers are the best nanny dogs on the planet. Given I don’t hang around many shitheads, but I’ve never known an untrustworthy Rottweiler. Even the way they protect their kids is gentle. My aunt had one and her grandkids would literally lead him around by the ear and he wouldn’t even breathe heavy, but he could be passed out cold in the back room. If someone even raised their voice at a kid he would wake up, drudge in the living room and attach to that kid’s hip… He wouldn’t even bark or growl. He would just stand their looking like he needed a coffee, making sure nothing got out of hand.

When I was an early teen these people moved onto my country dirt road. They had this huge Rottweiler and some small mutt that lead the giant around like a couple of cartoon characters. It turned out that the dogs were super neglected and rarely fed so they basically adopted me and my own dog. I eventually got them nice and healthy even spending about an hour a week pulling ticks off of them (lived deep in the woods). That Rottweiler ended up being a big dumb Butterball at about 150-160 pounds, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put him on a diet knowing he was being starved before. His little buddy was a lap dog, but Butterball wouldn’t have it. I would be sitting on my porch with the little dog in my lap and a fat ass Rottweiler trying to fit right beside me on the small porch staring at me heartbroken. As soon as I would make eye contact with him he would change his body language like “C’mon, we can do this.” and would oh so gently try to work his way into my lap. It was sweet because you could just tell he was trying to be gentle, totally self aware of his size, but he felt left out. Despite that he had no issue with crushing his little buddy under his ass if he would move out of the way.



Best, most loyal and loving dog you will ever own. Mine was a pure blooded female, she was protective yet still gentle. As someone mentioned before, at the first hint of trouble she’d attach herself to you and place herself between you and the perceived threat. Sadly they have a short life span and her sudden death has made it impossible for me to get another dog. Once I’m ready though I’m getting another female rottie.

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My very first dog I ever had was in my senior year of HS. He was half Rottweiler half German Shepherd. His name was rusty. He was an awesome dog, he loved playing in the snow.

I’m a boxer fan … Rottweilers seem like a smarter, more loyal boxer. Still goofy as fuck though.

Might have to consider one in the future.