Rough Draft of Rampage's 2010 Statement To Fans

I happy, I'm happy dawg

Me and Dana, you know we set down and went over our differences, he said some shit about how he felt and I kept it real you know what I'm saying...So we cool

My boy Tiki set it up, he was like come on Page you two need to squash that shit, so I flew to Vegas and we did.

You know I hate training. I don’t know why, I guess because I’m lazy, but after the film rapped, the crew was coming up to me talking like "Rampage when are you going to slam a mother fucker again, "Rampage the game aint the same without you".....

You feel me?

So now I'm looking at shit different you know what I'm saying, I joke around a little less in the gym. I'm focused and ready to whoop some ass in the UFC.

I pitty the fool that steps to me in the cage now.
Rashad needs to go into witness protection, because my fist is gonna put a hit out on his face. He already ugly, he's gonna be butt ass ugly x 10 after I stomp a mud hole in his ass.

My bad ain't that illegal in the UFC?

Oh because he's black.

I get it...


HereWeAre - Oh because he's black.

I get it...

 No, because he's an idiot.


Win, imo