Round 4?: Fauci vs Rand Paul

100% this

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Cool beans. Do you love cotton candy too?

It would be great if Don J came back and addressed the rebuttals but I’m not holding my breath.

You’re an imbecile.

An expected rebuttal from someone intellectually incapable of putting up a coherent counter argument back by facts.

What a hypocrite you are.

Another mindless sub 100 IQ rebuttal.

What’s next? You going to call me a poo poo head? Go back to your crayons you knuckle dragging cretin.

Coherent to who? People or trumptards? And lol @ you of all people demanding facts.

I agree with this as well.


These people work in labs they don’t have patients and fauci is one of the most cited scientists alive (in any field)

I don’t know how that little cunt can get away with that. Gain of function is exactly what it was , he knows it and he’s saying it’s not.
That’s like saying they sky isn’t blue according to the documents I have.

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That has fuck all to do with anything. The little prick is lying. Not just a little lie either. This is a massive lie.

He should be prosecuted for lying or worse. Stop letting these pieces of shit get away with this nonsense.

What documents. I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

People defending Fauci at this point are morons or evil. All the suffering from this bullshit and you still defend this slimy fucck as he lies? Look in the mirror and know you’re an animal.


So do you 100% put your faith in Fauci? Even after being caught lying about masks, the risks of the virus, and herd immunity? Even after fervently denying it came from a lab, then saying it might be a lab leak, and now saying it is impossible? Even after finding out he and the NIH bypassed Obama’s orders around ceasing funding for GOF research and doing it through Eco Alliance? And even after finding out the lab in question being funded is China’s only level 4 coronovirus biolab and it was at the very epicenter of the outbreak?

You guys (on both sides) need to drop the politics surrounding Fauci and look at this for what it is. This pandemic has a high probability of being the result of a lab leak. We need to find out one way or the other so this doesn’t happen again. With a virus much more deadly.

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