Roundkick Rumble Muay Thai Classic

Roundkick Rumble Muay Thai Classic--"Battle for the Belt" is coming to Des Moines Iowa May 12 and 13.

This is a 2-day event with 6 weight divisions set up as 4-man brackets. Win the first night, you advance to the second night to fight for the belt. Plus 6 single matched bouts on the second night as well. I still need to fill a few spots in the divisions:

I Need:

1 Female 147-153
1 male 165-172
2 males 179-186
2 males 215-up
2 males 147-153

And anyone who would like to be matched for the Saturday night in a single bout. Preferrably Muay Thai but I will take International rules. We are not doing Full contact Rules for this event.

This event will be filmed on the second night (tape delayed) to be aired on Media Com over the following few weeks state wide across iowa and parts of Minnesota. This is the first annual Roundkick Rumble Muay Thai Classic with the 4-man brackets. It will grow each year to be 8 man brackets eventually.

This is an amateur event. You can go to for more information, email me at or call me at the gym at 712-792-8178 if you are interested.

I will help with travel as well!


just out of curiosity what does 'amateur' mean in this case? also are wiegh ins the same day??

Amateur means they are not being paid a purse, and it is Muay Thai, so they wear shin/instep guards, and in some cases headgear.

Weigh ins are on Friday at 4pm, so yes, on the same day for those in the 4-man brackets. For kickboxing shows I have always had weigh-ins the same day and so have others. These fighters don't "cut weight" to fight like mma fighters do.

cool, thanks

is the card full?

NO, not yet...have the single bouts matched up, but still a 3 0r 4 short for hte 4-man brackets. Need a Super Heavy, a cruiser, and a super middle.

Got several leads...why, you want on?

no thanks. probably would get my head kicked off.