Rousey: 2014 was my bitch

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                                Rousey: 2014 was my bitch

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                    <p>UFC women&#39;s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey had a good year in 2014. She was the most dominant champion in the league, worked on the Expendables 3, Furious 7, and Entourage, healed a broken thumb and had her knee scoped, and landed major endorsements and magazine covers.</p>

In other words, compared to the average UGer, she is nothing special, and talks too much. She spoke Wednesday on a media conference call, and summed up last year and this one.

"Well this is kind of a colorful way to say it," said Rousey as transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti for "But if 2014 was like it was my bitch, then 2015 is going to look like my bitch's bitch."

"You have to remember, I've pretty much been fighting all my UFC fights with one leg. Now I feel better than I did even when I was 16 years old, when I got my first knee surgery. I really feel rejuvenated, like I just molted or something and I have a brand new body and I allowed myself to rest and recuperate.

"Even my mom, who is the biggest into working hard all of the time, more than anyone you would ever know in your life, was telling me that ‘you need to rest your body, it's telling you something.' And I'm very glad I did because when I cleaned up everything in my knee, we found out that I had arthritic spurs literally rubbing onto my ACL and it would've ruptured at any time. So we took care of everything just in time. I'm perfectly healthy and better than ever before, and I can just feel my body itching to fight again."

Rousey fights Cat Zingano in the main event of UFC 184 on February 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

"I think that Cat's resilience is one of the things that has really impressed me about her the most," said Rousey. "And I think that's what's really gotten her most of her fans. It's not just the way that she fights, it's the way that she endures. It's extremely impressive.

"She's not one of those people who can be intimidated so I won't even bother. She's not one of those people who can start losing a fight and you can count on them being a frontrunner and defeating themselves. She's one of those people who has to finished all the way until the very, very end, and I'm ready for that. I'm ready for a five-round war if it needs to be that way, and I'm still going to be the better fighter that night regardless of what happens."

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Typo in the last sentence if you care

has to finished all the way?

Cat is the biggest threat so far. She has a much better chance than Cyborg.

Imagine how quick that fight with Davis would've been if she had 2 legs.

stonepony - Cat is the biggest threat so far. She has a much better chance than Cyborg.
You must be joking, right? Phone Post 3.0

She's nuts.

Gotta love it.

Anderson's leg was nothing compared to Ronda's. She's just so damn tough she made it look normal.

This chick is so annoying. Phone Post 3.0

Animal Mother - This chick is so annoying. Phone Post 3.0
Shh! You are not allowed to say that! Phone Post 3.0