Rousey challenges Cris 'Cyroid' post fight video

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                                Rousey challenges Cris 'Cyroid' post fight video

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                    <p>Prior to Saturday night's Rousey vs. Kaufman fight, Cris Santos Cyborg called out Rousey for a fight, if necessary <a target="_blank" href="">in the parking lot post event</a>.</p>

After armbarring Sarah Kaufman in 50 seconds, Rousey took control of commentator Mauro Ranallo's interview, too, inviting whatever Cyborg has to offer.

Mauro said he had never seen anything like it. Rousey rolled with her won comments.

"First of all, I need to send out a challenge to Miss Cyroid out there," said Rousey, the vein in her neck popping out like a cable. "People want to see the first fair fight of your life. I'm the champ now - the champ doesn't go to you, you go to the champ. Come down to 135 and let's settle this."

“If you still want to go out in the parking lot, my friend Russell brought my gloves, and I’m going to be right there.”

Mauro then enquired as to whether Rousey wanted Cyborg next. "Dude," responded Rousey. "Was the first part not clear enough?”


Haha, I liked the part where she clowned Mauro's stupid question asking if Cyborg was in her crosshairs after she had just cut a lengthy promo about her: "Was the first part not clear enough? I was shouting it."

TTT. Great video. Phone Post

She's scared of Cyborg!

"Clearly ducking!"

- The retarded half of the UG.

She cleaned out her division and she has fought at 145 before correct? I don't see why she won't go up and take the fight if cyborg says she can't make weight. I don't think she is scared but reality will set in shortly that if she ever wants to be in a main event fight again it will have to be against Cyborg. Otherwise she is first fight of the night

Yes^ She has been called out! Do a catch weight. Eat 2 meals a day, and go to 145lbs. Rhonda will do anything to stay at 135lbs. Anything!

don't be scared homie
don't be scared homie
don't be scared homie
don't be scared homie

Ronda seems angry! Phone Post

Cyborg has eluded to 145 no longer even in existence in SF. With carano not coming back, and almost no fighters at 145, there is no reason to still have it. Honda has no division to even go back up to. If this fight happens, and I think it will, it will be at 135. Cyborg will see the dollar signs, and it will be on. Only fight that makes real money honestly.

Ronda is the 135lb Champ, she doesn't need to go chase someone in another weight class. It works the other way, if you want to beat the Champ, go find her. The Champ isn't the one with something to prove, other than defending the title.

Ethan Boyle - Ronda is the 135lb Champ, she doesn't need to go chase someone in another weight class. It works the other way, if you want to beat the Champ, go find her. The Champ isn't the one with something to prove, other than defending the title.

Well said.

No reason for the champ to chase people around. If the half man wants a fight she can come to 135 and challenge for the belt like every other "girl".

Rhonda is smart.

She KNOWS Cyborg is juicing HEAVILY HEAVILY HEAVILY RIGHT NOW...She KNOWS there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop a Brazilian Chute Boxe style fighter from juicing HARD...Cyborg messed up ONE drug test out of many she got over on....She will NOT make that same mistake again. She WILL time her cycles properly.

Rhonda knows this. Cyborg WILL CHEAT and try to come in as a literal MAN no matter what...So the best thing she can do is FORCE Cyborg to either lay off the juice to make 135 very comfortably and naturally....or force her keep juuicing but make a very nasty weight cut to even the scales.

I thought Ronda's post fight speech was rather embarrassing. I think she just watches the men and tries to imitate what they do. Incredible fighter, but horrible skills at calling someone out. Phone Post

MichaelCollins - 
crumbs - ya stop ducking Ronda, everyone knows Cyborg cant cut a measly 10 pounds cause shes big boned, not cause shes on those Joe hogan ALPHA-sheMale pills.

Cyborg was popped for PED's that would help her lose weight you spastic cunt

There is only one woman's fight anyone is interested in seeing.

Rousey resorts to one meal a day to avoid fighting at a weightclass which is a much better suit for her. She started out at 145. The first 7 fights of her life in MMA were at 145. She had the chance to fight Cyborg for the title after beating Budd, but opted to go to 135 for no apparent reason. She was asked after Cyborg destroyed Yamanaka (before Cyborg tested positive) if she was going to fight Cyborg next as she was the only challenger left. She said "no, I'm going to 135."

For fuck sake Ronda has fought at 150 in the past. She knows Cyborg can't make 135 so will stay there (even though she said she would go back up to 145 after winning the title at 135) in order to continue to avoid Cyborg.

Even though its the only and biggest womens fight all fans (hardcore and casual) want to see. Even though it would do the biggest numbers and make the most money. Even though it would raise the profile of the entire sport.

Rousey is shit scared of Cyborg and is ducking. Everyone knows it but Rousey and her pathetic band of white knights hide behind semantics.

When Rousey started talking shit on everyone, she never opened her mouth about Santos as she knew that shit talking the champ + being an undefeated challenger + fighting in same weightclass = actually having to fight the champ.

So she switched weightclasses.

Then Santos pissed hot so Rousey calculated that being at a different weightclass and with Cyborg suspended, then and only then was it safe enough to talk shit.

It's pathetic.

Here Ronda, we'll offer you thrice as much money as you could ever possibly earn, get you twice as much fame as you currently have now and raise the profile of your entire sport (thereby making it easier for you to earn more money and fame in the future) - all you have to do is stop eating one meal a day. Eat twice a day. Eat thrice a day if you want. Make 145. Back up your shit talking and fight Cyborg. Be a two weight champ. No?

Ok. How about a fair catchweight at 140. I mean, Cyborg struggles to make 145 as it is. You've fought at 150 and 145 before so 140 won't be a problem then will it......what's that? Oh, it will.


So much derp in this post I don't even know where to begin... but your obvious lack of understanding of the PED guyborg was caught with pretty much throws your credibility out the window so no need really, you hung yourself. Have a nice day:)

That was such an intelligent response, you MUST be correct.. Phone Post

I challenge jon jones to meet me at 145, don't duck me you pussy!

IGOTBELCHED - I challenge jon jones to meet me at 145, don't duck me you pussy!

Nice!!! Phone Post

There's juice everywhere. The Olympics, Baseball, Football obviously, and MMA is probably the worst with close to 100 percent of the fighters using. Nagative publicity ? You use the caught cheaters like Cyborg to set an example, and appease the fans. It's a cost of doing business. To Cyborg, and the MMA organization in question. You test, and if its negative, you've practiced due diligence, and it holds up in court, or to the Nevada Athletic Commission, or whomever. You put your show on, and everyone's happy. Point is everyone on the globe knows what goes on behind closed doors, but we still want to watch a good fight so...cest la vie..I spose. Now, Cyborg clearly wants to remain a dude essentially, and maintain her weight which means she simply will keep juicing, and be more careful next time around. If she goes to normal off-season shape, she must walk around at the 170-185 poung range. Most likely 178 or so. That is scary shit bro. Maybe even heavier. I clocked in at 178-182 ripped as she was, and walked around at 235-254 pound range. But, I was, and am, a natural. And i am a dude. A pretty good looking, hot one at that. Anyway, I'm beginning to wonder if Rousey is juicing, and I will bet she is doing something. That neck is a tell-tale sign. The musculature, and vascularity around the necks of women become so much more apparent. It's a side-effect in men too, but you notice it more in women. Cyborg's looked virtually nauseating, and disgusting. It will be interesting when, and if she gets back in the ring. The world will be scrutinizing, and analyzing the physique of Cyborg closer than a Mr. Olympia Competition. Wanderlei has been juicing for sooo long, he must have no balls left. If Rousey, and Cyborg do meet, say, at a catch weight of 140, Cyborg would probably pummel Rousey into submission like Ike Turner on Tina. Because, essentially, that's what it is, a Dude on a woman. She would have a good shot if she made 135, and would simply, and literally rape Rousey with Cyborg's new organ like John Travolta on Pee Wee Herman. Rousey might be buying time with the holdout, as she beefs, and juices up to a heavier weight, and adds muscle, and Cardio development. So what goes on in the bedroom with Mr/ Mrs Mantos, uh...Santos.