Rousey...the Once in Life Fighter..charade is OVER

She finally fights someone who comes from a known camp and looks like an amateur. In parts of that fight, she didn't show better skills than Big Mac or Dada 5000.

Things that need to be said ...

1) The mainstream knows jackshit about MMA. The MMA has had great fighters in its history but Rousey would not even be in the top 10.

2) Joe Rogan should quit commentating MMA or wear an "Ultimate Shill" t-shirt at all times. This guy CRIED while talking about Ronda Rousey. What a shame..there was a time I enjoyed his commentary. Once in life...gimme a break. Mauro, Jimmy Smith >>>>>>>>>>>> Joe Rogan

3) This whole Rousey vs any talented Male crap needs to stop and hopefully will.

4) There are woman in more legitimate sports that are way more accomplished. Hopefully this knockout will make some see the light.

5) Rousey vs. Floyd...this feud was laughable and Floyd's reaction, "I don't even know who he is" is how this feud should have ended. But the media, Rousey, & Dana kept this going. Floyd fought real opponents and has skill that Rousey could only dream of. At this point, Rousey should apologize to Money Mayweather.

Finally, I never had a problem with women's MMA, but when it dominates the conversation and overshadows where most of the talent is at (in the male weight classes) that bothers me. In any case, the UFC still sucks and is run by idiots (dana, joe silva, etc).

Rousey...the Once in Life Fighter..charade is OVER

was that not the Biggest Hype BS by Rogan and UFC????? as if she was even close to that status???

twice in forever it appears

Women's MMA has a long way to go.

We now see that Rousey was a specialist all along. She had an elite judo background, but Holm just showed us that everything else was rudimentary. The fact that Rousey's skill set allowed her to be dominant so long speaks to the lack of depth in the WMMA talent pool. 

Outside men's heavyweight, you can only be an elite male fighter if you are very good everywhere. Long gone are the days when specialists could win belts. If prime Royce were transported to today's MMA (with no chance to adapt) he would be utterly destroyed. 

Hopefully WMMA can continue to evolve and to attract more athletes. I'd love to see more fights like Rousey-Holm or any of Joanna Champion's. 


Also, ESPN should be ashamed for giving Rousey fighter of the year.

Having a female fighter as the sport's biggest star and proclaiming her as the most talented is not a good long term business plan for a sport where the majority of fighters are men. Too bad the UFC doesn't know how to promote or put together good cards.

This thread should be kept at the top as a reminder of what kind of crap has gone on since the Dana White/Rousey/Rogan relationship began.

And the daily "what's Ronda doing this second..." threads will hopefully stop. Phone Post 3.0

Yep I've posted countless times how ridiculous the hype was, no more she could beat male fighters no more she's the best pound for pound, once in a lifetime athlete but won't give up 5lb to fight who we all thought was the only real challenge etc etc.

Interested to see what a loss like that does to someone who must have felt invincible prior. Phone Post 3.0