Rousey: Would be difficult to have MMA in Olympics

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                                Rousey: Would be difficult to have MMA in Olympics 
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                    <p>Randy Couture said in a recent interview that over thirty countries have expressed interest in adding mixed martial arts to the Olympic games. Whether or not that has any meaning, Fight Land recently interviewed UFC champion Ronda Rousey who expressed that it would be a difficult task.</p>

Fightland today presents the latest episode of Fightland Show, titled Ronda Rousey: From Olympic Bronze to UFC Gold. In the episode, Fightland sits down with Ronda Rousey to discuss her upcoming fight to defend her UFC title, fame, and why she thinks of the Olympics as a "bubble-wrapped pageant." 

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As much as I'd love to see it in the Olympics, I hate to say that I don't really think it'll hapoen. There's a lot of stuff to figure out. Do they wear head gear? Do they fight again if they broke their nose and hand in the quarter finals? What about alternates if they can't go on? Is it going to be old-school tournament style? What commission is going to oversee it? What are the rules? Elbows legal? What is the scoring system?

If it does happen, and to clarify I really do, I believe it will be many, many years before it is accepted by the IOC. Phone Post 3.0

Something like Pancrase rules might be better. Some compromises with that, but otherwise I think lots of alternates would be medaling because of injuries.

i like rousey but, "i happen to have a job where im allowed to show (my opinion)." tell that to frank or randy or anyone else theyve given the boot.

It isn't that hard to figure out. Boxing, judo, wrestling, and TKD are already there. They are all combat sports and go with a tournament style like all of the other olympic sports.

The biggest change would be the addition of head gear. The IOC isn't going to go for hitting people in the head w/o head gear.