Rousey/Zingano moved b/c of Zingano injury

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                                Rousey/Zingano moved b/c of Zingano injury

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                    <p>Last month it was revealed that a women&#39;s title fight between Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano was moved to UFC 184 from it&#39;s original event, UFC 182 in January. Tonight on UFC Tonight, Ariel Helwani revealed that the fight was moved because of an injury suffered by Cat Zingano:</p>

?Ariel Helwani: "Cat Zingano has been dealing with a back issue. She wouldn't be ready to fight in January and needed more time to recover."

Ronda Rousey will fight Cat Zingano at UFC 184 for the women's bantamweight title in the co-main event of the show which takes place in Los Angeles, CA.

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Why is it that I don't even flinch anymore when reading this kind of news. Whatever man........another injury, another delayed fight. 

Second time shes been injured. Who will take her spot? #2 contender?

She just fought a month ago. Could this be an injury from her recent fight?

Cat has been through SO MUCH that I really hope she is 100% for her title shot. I think if any woman in the game could beat Ronda is is Cat.

Sucks that Cat is dealing with this during camp.

Pitbull3744 - Injuries will be the death of MMA watch. Even though we know its part of the sport everyone will start to get really sick of it especially main eventers going down. Cain was the first Pettis will be next and then i dont know.
This. Bunch of match ups down the drain due to injuries. It's bullshit. Phone Post 3.0

I don't keep track of who's fighting in advance anymore.

God dammit Phone Post 3.0

If youve ever been injured you understand the nature of it. People act like these fighters want to get injured.

"Ya, let me go fuck up my back so that i can slight mma fans, lose money and annoy my boss."

It doesnt work like that. Phone Post 3.0

Wait, didnt we know she was fighting on thee Weidman card? I read this somewhere else I think Phone Post 3.0

ShakaSway - Wait, didnt we know she was fighting on thee Weidman card? I read this somewhere else I think Phone Post 3.0

yeah this is just a click-baity/confusing UG Blog headline confusing people

I could see this being a manufactured postponement to get Ronda a title defense in her own backyard (Something that she has wanted for a long time)

It was those god damn DDT throws. Hope she recovers in time.

People, it's not an additional delay, it's explaining WHY the delay happened that we already knew about. Phone Post 3.0

a back injury is a serious one.  How is she going to recover in just 8-10 weeks?  How will she train in the meantime?  Fuck I hope she comes back strong