Rousimar Palhares at Fury FC Grand Prix 2007

In August 2007 Rousimar Palhares (BTT) entered the Fury FC under 83kg Grand Prix tournament.

Some of the tournaments participants included Danial Acacio, Gil De Freitas, Fabio "Negao" Nascimento, Flavio Luiz Moura, and Leandro "Batata" Silva  

Rousimar Palhares x Flavio Luiz Moura  -  Fury Fighting Championship 4  (8/4/07)  *Quarter Final   

Rousimar Palhares x Fabio Nascimento  -  Fury FC 5: Final Conflict  (12/06/07)  *Semi Final

Rousimar Palhares x Daniel Acacio  -  Fury FC 5: Final Conflict  (12/06/07)  *Final 


 he wrecked all their ankles and knees

 Thanks for the videos Pro Ice.  Here's something that isn't suprising, not many people want to roll with him at BTT.  The nicest guy off the mat is one of the most feared on the mat.

Watched it live. It was epic, and probably the last hurrah of the Chute Boxe vs. BTT feud. Rudimar put up his Toyota Prado in a bet with the BTT guy (not sure if it was Ze Mario) that Acacio would beat Toquinho in the final.... not sure if he paid up or not

 such a beast!

thanks pro

 You're welcome guys

And thanks smoogy didn't know about the bet, wonder if Rudimar did pay up

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My knees hurt just looking at that

He really is a beast. I look forward to him fighting again. Do I remember right? Did he get injured and is off the Brazil card?

 Toquinho is fighting Dan Miller on Saturday, looks like it's going to be a bad month for the Miller brothers.

I ordered this event on the old school Pro


He is an amazing fighter.  I wanted to see him fight Anderson Silva but it has never happened. He's also a real SOB because he intentionally hurts his opponents, holds the submission longer than needed, but pretends he cares about them after causing permanent injury.


Pro Ice - you have mail.

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Thank you again, Mr. Ice Phone Post

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