Rousimar Palhares

Sub of the Night!!!

Zhoo Zhitsu! Zhoo Zhitsu! Zhoo Zhitsu! 


Lite - lame


Thinkin' about leglockin'....

Palhares is an amazing leglock technician!!!!

Tap21 - Palhares is an amazing leglock technician!!!!

Indeed my friend, it is refreshing to see a BJJ guy that goes for leglocks like Toquinho does. Not many leglock in UFC currently..

I can't even think of any leglocks that stand out in recent events...

Only Rousimar is fighting the good leglock fight. :)

By the name of Imanari I crown thee knee destroyer!

nogidavid - 
HarlemSavoy -  I can't believe that freakin' batman's rear naked choke got sub of the night over Palhares.

No disrespect to Kurt who fought well, but Rousimar had a sick sub.

 agree 100%

I think the suspension for unsportsmanly like conduct kind of lost him that.

Punish with one hand, reward with the other ?


nogidavid -  yeh, i understand why they didn't give it him now. i wasn't watching with commentary which seems like it's influenced a lot of people. he let go when the ref stopped him. should have been sub of the night

No, he did NOT let go when the ref stopped him.

Watch the fucking fight again before you start accusing people of being swayed by commentary.

The ref had to rip on the guys arms 3 times with everything he had in him before Palhares let go. And that's after the guy tapping like a madman.

If you have a stop watch, start it when the ref touches him stop it when he releases, no matter how generous I am, it is no longer than 1.2 seconds.  1.2 seconds friends....

The average sneeze lasts somewhere around 1.4...

This was not some huge amount of time no matter what anyone says the proof is right there...1 second....1 second too long..His leg was fucked wayyy before the ref even got there folks. 

I agree with his punishment.   But if you wondered why the punishment was not very's because the punishment was rendered by people who know how to count.

Rousimar will be back leglockin' fools in no time.

Palhares def should have had sub of the night. That was sick.

NarlyPersianDude - Lost a massive amount of respect for Torquinho. MMA fighters get in there knowing they are bound by rules, and also protected by rules. When the guys taps, you stop. Especially when the ref jumps in, you stop. You dont keep twisting and injuring someone. It was shitty enough the ufc cant keep such a simple thing, a logo being too slippery, under control. If that logo is not there, probably Tomas does not slip on the kick. On top of that, to stay on the move, knowing full well someone can get injured is just classless and to me criminal. The only thing Rousimar did, is make me want to see most likely whoever fights him beat him. He should be fined for that, and they need to send a message. That might affect Tomas being out, and also might affect his career permanently. Rousimar has no right to do that. Evident.

i can hear your tear drops hitting the floor from all the way over here! fuck the world...Paul Harris is a leglock GOD!!!

A ref shouldn't have to pull at your arm like he's doing a deadlift 3 times.

Glad he was suspended.


MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ - Palhares def should have had sub of the night. That was sick.

Paul Harris was robbed of his sub of the night bonus

 tough, but the guy was tapping like crazy.

the only thing I could think of that would make him hold it, is when guys fake tap then say they didn't tap.

You mean like Matt Lindland? Against Toquinho's coach and mentor?

Dick move IMO.