Router Help

I Have a net gear router that I just hooked up last night. I havent used it for about 6 months and it worked fine then. Since I have moved and when I set it up it will load some pages then none then some then none. I tried recycling the power on the Cable Modem and Router and it still does it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Are you plugged into it, or are you connecting wirelessly? Have you tried holding in the reset button to put it back at factory default settings?

ttt, maybe someone else has an idea

I have noticed that routers like to die randomly.


I know that sounds stupid, but over the last couple of years I have gone through 3 routers where something goes wrong. Wan port will not work ever again, connections getting dropped, etc. I spend weeks troubleshooting it, upgrading it, calling tech support, etc...........


Then I just go out and buy a new one and Viola, all problems are gone, works great. Then 2 years later things may start messing up again. Re-writing the firmware to it or doing a master clear would still not fix the problem.

Are you sure it's your router and not your connection? I don't want to focus on the wrong thing.

If you're sure it's your router, try resetting the firmware to the factory default then setting it up (MAC filtering, security settings, etc) the way you had it before. If everything works then after a few days (when you're sure the problem is gone) go to the manufacturer's website and try the newest firmware available and see if that helps

I upgraded the new firmware and that fixed it. It was habving a problem finding the dns. Thanks for all the help