Routine and Diet Info For Wife?

I know that there are a ton of these types of threads and that they are a plague on many S&C forums but I really don't know where to look. I want something simple, we have access to a lot of weights and an exercise bike at home. I also want it comprehensive, diet and exercise.
Just a couple questions.
Where is a good place to find something like this? There are a ton of websites but so many articles, I just don't know where to start. Lastly, she wants to lose 50 lbs over the next year, is that possible?

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What Jonwell wrote. :-)

Also check out Krista's site:

and the post by BuffedWildCat on this thread for some nutrition

(don't shoot me for linking to a bb-board!)

You could also page ChemicalSage for his Zone diet pdf file.

As for the 50 lbs in a year question: please be aware that too
much fat loss in too short a time leads to excess/sagging skin. So
make sure your wife goes on a sensible diet (i.e. a change of
eating habits).

Thanks for the info.

"You could also page ChemicalSage for his Zone diet pdf file"

Sounds perfect, will create a thread when I get back. Thanks again.