roy harris' bjj201

Rick! You will drool over this DVD! It rules!


PS - Not only are those Tuesday classes still going, but Thursdays we do standup/clinch from 1-2 (not 2:30). Come down to those too!

PPS - Nate came by with Henry the other night. That boy is getting good! It's scary! :-)

How can I get this DVD? I went to his website and couldn't find it.


Hey Rick! Hope to have you back on the mat soon! We need another person to practice the concepts on the DVD with... ;)

Roy's site was hacked and *just* came back online. The online store has not re-emerged, but Roy said he will be having a DVD / CD sale Feb 1-3, so hopefully the online store will be back by then.


twinkletoesCT is right. BJJ 201 is possibly the most challenging BJJ DVD I've ever seen. The first material in any format to take the theoretical side of the art to the next level. I wouldn't rank it 201- I'd say it's definitely a senior or graduate level work.

Warning: product will make you feel very humble.

Now that I've seen 201, I'm not sure I know how to do any techniques anymore...

"Warning: product will make you feel very humble.

Now that I've seen 201, I'm not sure I know how to do any techniques anymore... "

Boy, I'll say. I can barely think about starting these concepts. Can you imagine what level your game has to be at in order to *develop* an instructional like this? My brain hurts....


Roy Harris is a special kind of instructor. He´s not only a great BJJer but an awesome teacher too...


Someone sent me an email with this quote in their tagline. It's my only motivation after seeing a DVD like this one:

"At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box."
- Italian Proverb

At least folks at that level still have to get on the mat and train, just like the rest of us.


Roy is the man. I remember when I met him the first time. I was at a point in my BJJ Life where I felt really good about my no gi skills. I tapped some blackbelt and when I lost matches I felt that it was just more experience of the other guy who beat me. I was kind of frustrated with BJJ because I thought that´s it I know everything and I just have to spar a lot to get better.

THEN I rolled with Roy for the first time and it was unreal. He controlled me completly he did what ever he want to do with me and he could tap me just with his pressure.
I´am 205 pounds and very good in shape and I never met anyone with the skills Roy have. It is BJJ on another level. He is so technical. And he gave me my motivation back to learn more.

The greatest of all things is that he can exactly tell you how he control and tap you. He can show it to you and you can do it after that also.

Roy is amazing and by far the best teacher outthere and belive me with no gi he could tap a lot of famous blackbelts.

Take care


Would it be ok for me to use your review for my website?

BAdboy4life - its ok with me. :) Which website?

Where and how much is this DVD?

I took a $25 footlock seminar from him in San Diego about a year ago that changed my game for the better - he seems like a great instructor.

Roy's online store is not yet restored, but you can call him and order it. In the pre-order sale it was $29.95 (not counting the fact that he offered to discount it $20 to apologize for the delay). I think it will be more like $39.95 or so when the store comes back. Then again, it's worth WAY more than that.


PS - Roy will be having a DVD discount when the store comes back online. Hopefully that will be soon!

excellent instructional. I cracked up when Roy was acting like a "hyper spazz" and using speed in place of technique.

The hyper spazz was great, as was the scene "Training vs. The Tap." I liked his super fast scissor sweep (attempt). And the part where he does ONE rep and then sits around doing nothing..... all looks so familiar! :-)


How can you order 201? His website's online store is still under construction.


I'll put it up this weekend thanks.

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