Roy Harris

Roy is insanely technical and detail-oriented.  He showed some awesome details on side control pressures and finishes, as well as fundamentally simple ankle-lock defenses (straight footlock).

Jeff Baldwin taught the 8 PM class (armdrags to the back and bent armbars).  Very technical w/lots of details.

More info here:



thanks for the story! Did you get the chance to roll with Rodrigo?

Are you referring to Rodrigo Medeiros?

If so, not yet.


yes, that was who I was referring to. Let us know how rolling with Roy is, and of course Rodrigo if you get the chance!

Do NOT eat a big meal before rolling with Roy. And I mean in the 24-36 HOURS beforehand.....


Well, got the chance to roll w/Roy... and posted some pics!  Check em out...


Nice pics!

Roy, Mike Cusi, Alicia, and Jeff all ROCK!

Here's one pic of Roy toying with me.... more up on the site-

You have to feel the "Roy feeling" you can?t imagine until you have experienced it.:-)

Chris, I tell you, soon you and I will be brothers, heh heh.


If that means that I get more SAVATE, I'm all for it! :-D :-D :-D


Yes, the "Roy feeling" was unique... and lots of fun.  I definitely enjoyed rolling with Roy.