Roy Jones Getting KO'ed again?

Does this guy Glengoffe Johnson have a chance at KO'ing Roy this weekend? If not, what kind of performance do you think Roy will give?

RJJ is going to come out and look as dominant as possible in order to show the KO loss was a fluke and to set up a rematch with Tarver. If RJJ looks boring and wins, there's not going to be anywhere near the hype for Tarver 3

I think he is fighting better now in his thirties then ever.RJJ will still ko him in the late rounds though.

Wow that was pretty disappointing! I had the fight on mute cause the gf was sleeping. Please don't tell me the commentators were being pro-RJJ the whole fight. After round 1 I thought the fight was gonna be over soon.

Hope he wipes the smile off his face now.

nope, they were pretty fair during the fight

Thank god. I thought they would be saying shit like "well those shots aren't really hurting Jones. Jones is slipping most of the punches and will comeback and test Johnson's stamina".

I am gonna play Fight Night and KO Jones again.

they did say stuff like that but at the same time were acknowledging that jones was getting hurt and johnson came to fight

damn, the reason i made this thread was because I had a premonition of this happening, I gotta learn to bet on those!

i predict a KO in 9.