Roy Jones to kick Tarver's ass

I am a huge Antonio Tarver fan. I was before the 1996 Olympics. I watched his win in the Olympic trials and I rooted hard for him in the Olympics. (He was touted as one of the biggest Olympic hopes of that year along with Fernando Vargas, & Floyd Mayweather.) It didn't suprise me when Tarver gave Jones the toughest fight of his career in the first go round. Admittedly, it suprised the hellout of me suprised, when I found out he KO'd Roy.

Now Roy wants some revenge.

I like Roy Jones, and a I am also a Tarver fan, but the Magic Man is going to fall- hard.

Welcome back Roy, it'll be fun watching you win this one.



OVERRATED?....Roy Jones is the best P4P fighter on the planet period, he won the MW, LHW titles, only fighter in a 100 years from the LHW division winning the WBA HW Crown!

Tarver is a great fighter...but you can't match Roy's legendary stats to Tarver NO WAY, Dear God...that was his 15th world title match, not a way for a great boxer to finish his career being KO'ed, hey shit happens.

Comment ...guys

Jones said he wants no more of these LHW guys, apparently he "can't get motivated" for them.

May be he did defended 9 times, it sounds like some of these guys riding off Jones already that's his 2nd loss in his boxing carrer.

"Now Roy wants some revenge."

Jones said he didn't want to fight Tarver again. Whachoo talkin about?

Anybody that Roy Jones Jr. beats automatically becomes a bum with some people. How can you say the Ruiz was the underdog? He outweighed Jones by 30 lbs (not exact, but sure it is close). He has fought a bunch of nobodies in the last couple of years, but he has beat very good fighters in the past and present.

James Toney, Bernard Hopkins, Vinny Pazienza, Murqui Sosa, Antonio Tarver, Reggie Johnson, Mike McCallum, Virgil Hill, Eric Lucas, Montell Griffin, - none of these guys are bums.

Ruiz isn't what I consider a good fighter by any stretch, but the guy has been a very tough nut to crack for a lot of good heavyweights.


RJJ = Tito Ortiz

roy said he was not interested in fighting tarver again - only heavy weights.

Roy just announced he wants revenge. Revenge= rematch.

If you think Roy Jones is a bum, take a trip to Florida and spar with him.

Its not his fault if he's walking the contenders for his titles, he fought Lights Out James Toney, are you saying Tony a nobody.

I think it was real smart to fight Ruiz for the title, if he tried that with Lennox, MAN he will get dusted off fast and put in the hospital.

When Roy was holding the belts he had to fight the top 10 fighters in the WBA, WBC, IBF and the WBO. Blame the matchmakers.

My .02 cents

Thank you buddie, the man WHO knows his boxing history!

Amadeus, I'm not trying to start a pissing contest, take a look at Roy's past fights and read the boxing history...He did not fight bums.

Roy would still be the favorite if the rematch happen. The man is gifted and he has fought some of the best in his era. Yes he fought some bums, but so what, its a pay check for him and for those guys. But they aren't all bum so he is legit. And if Roy isnt the favorite for the rematch,I will bet in boxing for the very first time.