Roy to Focus on Promoting!

Roy to focus on promoting!

Roy Jones Jr. says he plans to sign the world's top amateurs, including members of the 2004 boxing team to promotional contracts. "I understand the boxing business and I'm proud of the fact that I've always been responsible for my own career and was able to make the right choices," said Jones. "I know what it feels like to come out of the Olympics and not just want to fight, but to get the opportunity to fight the best. I know what it takes to become a champion. I'm here to pass that along, improve the fight game and make sure everyone wins." Jones' promotional firm, Square Ring Inc., has already had several meetings with fight manager James Prince, in regard to promoting Prince's stable of fighters, including Olympic gold medalist Andre Ward.

Monday, October 11 2004(copied from

If Andre Ward is smart, he will sign with either Bob Arum, Gary Shaw, or Main Events. All three have good influence with TV, and a track record of developing careers.

James Prince is tight with Roy, but he also works with Gary Shaw(Chico Corrales) and has worked with Arum. I cant name one other fighter besides Roy that Square Ring is currently promoting.

Smoke is promoted by Warriors Boxing now.

he also lost winky wright. he was off promoting his rap label while his good friend winky wright was making history by beating shane mosley for the undisputed title

Samurai Mosely was the biggest fight for the biggest payday of Winky's career. Roy was the promoter responsible for getting him that fight. Winky owes Roy bigtime. Not to mention his second biggest payday being an undercard fight on a Roy card. IMO Winky has been a scumbag in trhe way he dropped his loyalty that he clearly owes to Roy.

"Roy was the promoter responsible for getting him that fight. Winky owes Roy bigtime"

IWAN, Roy did not have any pivotal role in getting that fight for Winky. Shane turned down the Oscar rematch, and he didnt have any really good options. Shane gave Winky the fight, and Winky is being an honorable guy and giving him the rematch. FYI, the lead promoter in that fight was Gary Shaw not Square Ring.

As far as what went down with Winky and Square Ring, Winky is a free agent right now. He has said publically that he will give Square ring some money from his purses in appreciation for what Roy has done for him.

Winky has always been a class act, and is great to see him finally getting some paydays.

Let me get this staright Rogie. Roy did nothing "pivotal" for Stinky yet Winky is gonna give Roy money for all he has done? Good lord man, you must work for the Kerry campaign.

Here are the facts. Roy paid Stinky 600,000 for a crappy undercard fight on one of Roy's cards when no promoter was interested in Stinky. It was by far Stinky's biggest payday of his career and without Roy propping up a boring, uninspiring and forgotten Stinky Wright, any HBO fight would have not beenm possible. Second, Square Ring was the promoter of record for Winky when he fought Mosely. Maybe you remember Roy being heavily criticized for not going to the fight and being Shane's promoter. It was also said that Roy was extremely influential within HBO getting the Mosely fight made. It was Roy's promotion of Winky that kept him in the spotlight to allow a Mosely fight to even happen. Without Roy, Winky would still be fighting scrubs on FOX and looking awful doing it. Remember, his two fights before Mosely were seen as poor and boring performances. That is indisputable.

Also, Stinky has not always been a class act. His delusional rhetoric about vargas was pathetic. He folded like a cheap suit in that fight and loss to a teenager with about 17 or so fights and vargas barely even trained for that fight and instead of admitting that he lost the championship rounds as he had done in every previous title fight he ever had, he claims he was robbed.

IWHINE, reread my post. Shane okayed a Winky fight after his other options fell through. Shane could have probably vetoed Winky and picked a different opponent if he really wanted to. Antonio Margarito was another name under consideration for the Mar. 13 date. You claim that Roy got Winky the fight with Mosley, but you offer no evidence. Shane was a high profile fighter again at the time as he had just beaten De La Hoya.

Roy did get Winky a couple of six figure paydays and keep his name out there, but if you think that Roy did not take any cut of Winky's purse for the Mosely fight than you have your head in the sky. Winky is a good guy, and is going to give money back to Roy for future fights-something he is by no means required to do as he is a free agent.

The reason Roy got Winky is because Winky pissed off Arum by turning down a purse of over a million for a fight with Shane in 2002. Arum sold his contract to Roy and then Roy got him a few fights on his undercards. Shane fought Vernon Forrest instead, and the rest is history.

I wrote that Gary Shaw was the LEAD promoter for the fight, not the only promoter. Shane had the HBO date and they got Winky after looking at their different options.

Roy's promotional company has done squat bsides promoting his fights and Winky and Smoke on the undercard. I doubt that any Olympian with a good manager will advise his prospect to sign with Roy.

Vargas is all talk and no action. He mentioned fighting Winky again, but we all know that Finkel and Main Events wouldnt risk one of their cash cows.

Rogie I agree that no Olympian should sign with Roy based on his accomplishments which are few and far betweeen. However, Winky himself said it was Roy who kept pushing for the Mosely fight and was the biggest reason he got it, other than Shane being borderline retarded when it comes to business. As Bob Arum said, Mosely is certainly not the brightest light in the room. But had Roy not GROSSLY overpaid Stinky (600,000 to fight Candelo) Winky would have been too far off the map to even make a Mosely fight. Do you deny this?

No evidence??????? WTF is Winky paying Roy now for if he did nothing for him to get that fight??????? Roy did not do it by himself but without Roy Stinky never would have gotten that fight. Winky has said that himself. Maybe you are not aware4 of this, but Roy has some pretty good HBO connections.

Vargas beat Stinky. That is a fact. To say otherwise compromises your boxing knowledge. Stinky is a boring slap artist with excellent defensive skills. When he was Vargas' age at the time of his fight with vargas, he was being battered to the canvas 5 times by Julio Caesar Vasquez. You criticize Oscar correctly for fading late but Stinky fades late like no other.

I have never read where Winky has said that Roy got him the fight. And I have read Winky's interviews on boxingtalk a number of times. Winky and Margarito were two of the names being kicked around, and Shane and his people took Winky. Just in case, they put the rematch clause in there so thats why we have the rematch. IMO Margarito was the easier fight.

I never said that Winky beat Vargas, it was a close fight. It is a moot point now because Vargas is shot and moving to 60. I can bet you that he will wait for Bernard to give up the belts and try and fight for one of the vacancies.

I will also bet you that Roy's influence with HBO will be MUCH less now that he has been kayoed twice. If Lou Dibella had still been with HBO, Roy would not have likely been able to get away with some of the fights he had. All that bull about him being up there with Robinson or even Leonard is just that.

Yet Hopkins is a "LEGEND". Um, OK.

LOL. Iwan's a devout Winky hater. Always has been.

LOL @ Winky being a "boring slap artist". He hurt Shane more in 12 rounds than your boy Oscar could in 24 with his amatuerish shoe shine flurries.

Roy deserves some credit for getting Winky where he is but he should have been there for him on the night he had his finest hour. Shane also deserves big time credit for actually taking the fight.

hater, that is what I am saying. Shane took the fight like a man, he had enough juice with HBO to get someone else if he wanted to. The guy has beaten De La Hoya twice.

Roy and Winky are very good friends and Winky is doing a good thing by giving him a cut. He has no legal obligation to do so, and many people think he should have told Roy to go screw himself after Jones did not show up at his biggest fight.

"Hopkins is a "LEGEND". Um, OK."

Hopkins is considered one of the top middleweights of all time. He has never ducked a fight. Stevie Collins, Chris Eubanks, Nigel Benn, Darius-Roy refused to fight any of them. Roy also killed a rematch with Hopkins in 2000 and refused to honor a purse bid and fight Michael Nunn.

Rogie - I actually agree with you that Roy shouldn't rank up there with Robinson, Leonard, and several others. However, turning around to hail Hopkins as a legend when Roy towered over that guy (as well as the rest of his generation) doesn't make sense. Especially when Roy has scoreboard over that guy and can claim a better resume.

"Hopkins is considered one of the top middleweights of all time. He has never ducked a fight."

When you pick on junior-middleweights is there any need to?

I won't go into the customary laundry-list of fighters Roy supposedly ducked. Every time that list gets trot out by someone it gets the swiss-cheese treatment.

"Roy also killed a rematch with Hopkins in 2000"

And Hopkins reciprocated in 2002. Matter-of-fact Hopkins was killing big fights left-and-right that year.

Slick, how about Ricky Frazier or David Telesco?

Y'all must have forgot!

Rogie since YOU never read it, it must have never happened huh?

Hater in 1990, Oscar was a 126 pound amateur. In 1990, Winky Wright was a 154 pound Jr. MW. Now, Stinky cuts down from well over 180 (according to Winky himself). Winky also left the Mosely fight with more bruises on his head tha n Oscar has gotten in his entire career. Shane hads no gameplan at all in that fight and was totally unprepared. IMO Shane's biggest problem as a fighter is that he is basically a dumb guy. His in ring smarts rivals that of gator on this forum and that is pretty bad. I challenge anyone to show me an intelloigent fight that Shane has fought. His plan has been the same in every fight that I have seen with the possible exception of Oscar 1 where Oscar was the onbe with the bad plan.

Also, in an all time discussion, Bernard has to be faulted IMO for not moving up in weight. The guy is the biggest MW I have ever seen and I personally think he would have done well at higher weights. Hagler never moved up either but Hagler is a much smaller man naturally than Nard IMO.

One thing though: I am a long time Nard fan as everyone knows and I was calling him great when many had never even watched him fight. But I do think he got cold feet about fighting Toney. Nard knows Toney can fight and Toney was basically verbally punking Hopkins out. I know DK tried to screw Hopkins but I doubt Hopkins would have ever fought toney or ever would at this point. I would give Toney an edge in that fight.

No article I have ever read said that Roy got Winky the fight. If you can provide a source I stand corrected, as far as I know Shane gave Winky the shot and put the rematch clause in there to cover his rear end. I have read a number of articles about the fight, and actually had considered attending it.

Bernard may be tall, but he is a genetic freak and has under 5% bodyfat. He weighed 157 for Trinidad and less for De La Hoya. The fact that he can make weight without killing himself shows you that the guy is a natural middleweight.

He will be considered a legend in 20-25 years because of his longevity. He has cleaned out the division and fought every good middleweight they put in front of him. He retired Joe Lipsey, beat a super puncher in Echols twice, beat Holmes, Joppy, and a number of other credible guys. Hakkar and Frank-I will give you but Frank was a keep busy and he had to fight Hakkar or lose the green belt.

Dan Goossen confirmed that DK did not screw over Bernard on the Toney deal. The promoters thought there would be more money in the pot then there was, Bernard thought it was not worth his while and killed the deal.

Toney would be a dangerous fight for Bernard style wise at any point in Toney's career.

Rogie Bernard said he would fight Toney for a certain price. Then, as usual, DK went back and siad he needed to take less. You know Bernard and he will never take less like that because he is very stubborn. Goosen only confirmed a top payday for Bernard (at the time) and Bernard said no to the fight. I feel confident in saying that Bernard was at the very leasdt nervous about fighting Toney. Toney would fight Bernard tomorrow.

Also, remember Showtime offered Bernie a lucrative deal to fight a couple of fights including Calzaghe and Bernie said no.