Roy, your expet advice needed!

Roy, first off thanks for your time and help. You've helped me more than you'll ever know and I just wanted to say thanks.

After a 3 year layoff Im training again and I am training at a local Gracie affiliate. Layoff was due to alot of personal stuff, I will be re-opening my academy under Joe Moreira again and my motivation is there.

my question is , what do you recommend I work on?
I purchased you collar chokes tape for motivaion and because im more of an armlock guy and I thought It would be good to work on a weakness, I realized that my thought process is still on track but my timing between mind and body was way off.

What do you recommend for getting back ino the game?

thanks very much in advance for your help Roy,



Regarding your getting back into the game, timing and conditioning are usually the first to go. So, I highly recommend putting in some time on the road, some hills, and sparring at slow speeds.

With regard to which techniques to focus on, all of your fundamentals would be a good place to start: Upa, elbow/knee, basic guard passes, side mount holds, straight and bent arm locks.

Once you can perform your basics with ease and finesse, you can pick up your training where you left off.

Good training to you,

Roy Harris