Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding Exercise


that’s cool as fuck

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Cool but seems like the practicality approaches zero. Almost demands a tandem mount to be useful for anything.

short sighted. intermediate sized darpa dogs will be light enough to carry in pairs for landing.

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Man… how would he not be a giant target. No defense, or offense, and a giant noise. Land and need to get those things off his arms before shooting or doing anything and having a heavy pack still on.

Robots are a better answer as that other guy said.

Looks like fun though!

Eh, maybe. Early stages; who can tell. As is, nothing you can carry matters if you can’t deploy it while suited. Except for a tandem gunner.

Cool, but seems like a proof of concept that’s just a piece of a bigger puzzle

He wasn’t saying better; he was saying in addition to.

That flying suit is awesome. With that tech that can’t make a better onboard ladder then that 12 in pos?

The nice one that came with it had Red Bull branding all over it.

Neat concept. Probably need to attack in groups.

actually, i was just saying your were being a what-aboutist cunt and we can play that game all day : )