royce are you ever fighting silva

I thought Royce is 185.

Isn't Yoshida normally heavier than Silva though?

if royce was focussed like he was for his last fight against yoshida then i would go for royce over silva.

after his last performance it would be very dangerous to rule out royce against anyone.

so basically a win over Yoshida means a chance w/ silva!

Thank you for holding yoshida w/ such high regards

i'm just looking at it from the point of view of how yoshida did against silva and then how royce did against yoshida.

i'm a bjj man through and through so admittedly i will always root for royce but yoshida is an olympic champ in his chosen sport which is no small feat by any means.Royce deserves all the respect in the world for how he did against yoshida and i think royce is the type of guy also would learn loads from his defeat against sak.He is a very smart fighter and would no doubt come in with a game plan for someone like silva.

i'm not saying he will destroy all put before him now all of a sudden but i do think he is still capable of going at it with the best there is and coming out on top provided his mind is right and he is correctly focussed.

in my book your still the man royce and always will be.

peace and respect.

Royce Gracie by triangle choke in the 3rd round.

I dont think royce will submit Silva but I think in a no time limit no rounds rule system royce will win with positional dominance like he did on yoshida,I think he will skip the submissions and completely beat the crap out of Silva from the mount,or back position,yoshida stopped silva's strikes with head throws so maybe head throws are the key to getting silva down.If royce takes off the gi he will be unstoppable.

wieght difference wouldnt matter to Royce -- he did whip up on Dan Severn or Shamrock wasnt it? - either one was at least 220-260 lbs at the time i believe Royce was 170-180lbs