Royce Bandwagon: Sign In!

All aboard the Royce Bandwagon! Who's gonna ride with me?


I get the front seat

guardbr8kr = noob

The correct response is:



I've been on this damn bus for 14 years.

Let's ROCK!!

I hope he taps Sakuraba...I love Sak, but I would like to see Royce win one more.

I just want a good competitive match.

at least Sak doesn't have to fear being KO'd in this one.

Is this Royce's big yellow bus?

I'm on 14 years and running.

royce by high kick imo

Do it Royce, Do it

One humble request:

To those who pointed out that Royce would have won the early rounds on the cards of the first Sak/Royce match, if Royce happens to lose a decision on this one, please do not say that Royce would have won if there was no time limit.

Fair enough?

I'm routing for Royce.

Gracie by being still pissed off from the last time he fought in Los Angeles.

Pulls bus over, opens door, offers more rides

I still say Sak tapped in the first fight, regardless anyone who can say they fought for an hour and a half straight, win or lose is a badass to me.

I never left the bus.

Wasa-B fair enough, provided that if Royce wins you don't feel the need to say "Sak would have crushed him before, but he's old and broken down now"


Very, very excited about this fight. Anyone else want to ride the bus with us?

Im on!