Royce did not get retribution

Today's Modern MMA Rules are not suited for Yesterday's MMA fighters. The 3x 5min rounds and judge systems limits the abilities and possibilites of Royce/Saku. The way Royce won did not equal the way Saku beat him or his brothers before. This match should of been more, something was lacking, it wasn't skill or dedication or ability or hunger to win. The fight wasn't fought in true mma rules of what these guys are used to fighting. I know that on American soil it would never be, that is why it should of taken place in Brazil or Japan. Where X x 10min rounds could of been implemented and where true victory and retribution could of taken place.

agreed. The fight should have been unlimited rounds. They weren't fighting any differently compared to the first fight. They had the slow pace which is alright for dedicated fans.

This is why I like the center of MMA to be in Japan not the states because they are free to set their own rules due to no hierarchical draconian oversight of the athletic commissions.

Awesome, you are both so right gents. This fight could have been so much more. I am disapointed. I wasn't last night, but I am now. These guys are masters who take their time and wait for a mistake. It takes at least 10 mins to see them get going in each rd. Preferably 15 min.

Do you think Royce should have won, or do you think it should have been a draw?

He'll take what he can get.

"Do you think Royce should have won, or do you think it should have been a draw?"

Honestly neither really deserved to win, but if I had to give a decision I would give it o saku for being the only guy close to ending the fight.

Good post. The fight should have been a draw, IMO.

I'm tired of these excuses.
If you train for 5 minutes rounds, then FIGHT for 5 minute rounds. Push the freakin pace.
The fact is both Royce and Sak are OLD and it was like watching the OLD GUYS at the gym sparring/rolling (pacing things out, very controlled, taking it easy, waiting for the other guy to make a mistake).
10 minute rounds would have just made it a borefest. Sure we may have had something like Gracie vs Severn where someone eventually capitalizes on a mistake. But the fight didn't look like it was shaping up to be anything like Royce vs Sak I.

great post clearly under the rules Royce won easily but had it been no time limit he would have been able to submit or even get his first knockout as Sakuraba was tiring so quickly.

I would have hated to see Sakuraba knocked out again hes taken enuff damage already.

I'm starting to seriously think it should have been a draw or a slight edge to Saku because of what EVILYOSHIDA said. Saku tried to finish the fight more, he got the knockdown, and he got Royce's back at least once that I remember.

Remember in the original fight how Saku would get Royce's arm in a fig 4 on the ropes like he did last night? He was taking his time. Also, remember near the end of one rd in the first fight when Royce was behind Saku on the mat, then Saku grabbed his leg, waited a minute, then Saku put the knee bar on him. If the rds would have been longer I think we would have seen the same from Saku.

However, BlazinAsian said this and it makes sense:

"If you train for 5 minutes rounds, then FIGHT for 5 minute rounds. Push the freakin pace."

Rewatch fight Saku barely engaged no less tried to finish the fight.

Royce won fight easy glad they have pros scoring the fight and not people who watch the fight and then change thier mind because of evilyoshidas trolling.

LOL @ "Pros scoring the fight"

Yah right...

Both guys knew the fight was going to be three 5 minute rounds.

Still these guys and especially the fans deserved a little more, the new rules do nothing but limit these types of fights, it was more than a fight it was for the family's honour and respect should have been paid. I just think having it with different rules would of made the outcome more satisfying.

this is the politest thread I've seen on here in ages.

educated fans make educated posts.

How much did you lose on this fight EY ?

That's tough to say, YouDontKnowMe. I popped in the PRIDE 10 DVD - Return of the Warriors last night and rewatched Sakuraba's fight with Renzo Gracie. The fight was supposed to go two 10 minute rounds and if it was not finished, it would turn into a draw. Sakuraba mostly threw kicks, whereas Renzo shot in 3 or 4 times and Saku avoided most of the standup. Sakuraba also did not play inside Renzo's guard (as Renzo constantly held Sakuraba down & Sakuraba constantly tried to stand up). Sakuraba DEFEATED Renzo Gracie with a Kimura, with 13 seconds left in the second round!

Sakuraba, in his rematch with Royce, also avoided the standup, but was actually attempting submissions. Sakuraba TOOK Royce's back and was in a position to take an ARMBAR in the last 20 seconds of the fight (a la his fight with Renzo).

And you say Royce got retribution? Retribution stems from the late Latin, recompensare, or "recompensation." A recompensation is an exact amount REPAID IN FULL. (An eye for an eye???) You are telling me that after Sakuraba defeated RENZO, ROYLER & RYAN (two by submission) and made ROYCE throw in the towel after a brutal 90 minute match, got recompensation/retribution for all of that? I highly doubt it.

It is the same as if a wrestler holds down another fighter for the duration of the match a la Minowa vs. Baroni II. It is not retribution.

Royce Gracie walked into that match and forgot that Sakuraba was once called, "The Gracie Hunter."

This reminds me of Shakespeare's Hamlet where the Ghost said "The serpent that did sting thy father's life. Now wears his crown."

For Hamlet to go and get retribution for his father's death and newly appointed crown. The same went for Royce with his Family's Honor against the "Gracie Hunter"