Royce Dominated-No sad excuses

I am amazed as I read through some of the threads regarding the Hughes Gracie fight. Royce was utterly and completely dominated. He was beat up and nearly had his arm broken by a guy who is extremely skilled and tough as hell.

It is disappointing that some try to make excuses saying Matt was throwing illegal shots or Big John stopped the fight too early. The stoppage was completely legitimate and thank God Big John did it. If Royce would have been saved by the bell, round 2 would have brought more punishment for him.

He was great but his time has past. He also made a boatload of money last night and has been making a boatload of money the past 13 years as well as bashing other fighters for their lack of technique.

theres no way u can spin that fight to make royce look good

imo matt made him look like a rookie. i even bet on royce to pull off the upset. matt won that fight rather easy. i was very impressed with he ground game.


Not all noobs are tards, I guess.