Royce, fighting in UFC again?

Well are you? It was posted on

It mentions how you will earn a guaranteed $600 000 with a $75 000 bonus, and for 2 fights.

I know you're an honest guy, and if you cannot comment on this issue, then that's okay, but please, as your fans we wanna know!

well he hasnt commentted yet so there's ya answer.

I have been offered by the UFC. We have been talking, but no $ was talked about yet.


Would love to see you fight in the UFC again.

I have see you roll many times without the gi and I think that you would shock the world again by fighting in the UFC without the gi.

Look at Yoshida, dominated position, and he did not have had any chance of winning a decision.

Best of luck.


Royce, make sure you come to Miami again to train if you decide to fight. I'm ready to hold pads and get my butt kicked again!