Royce Gave Yoshida a Beating

For those of you who did not get a chance to watch Pride FC Shockwave, Royce Gracie gave Hidehiko Yoshida a beating. The "draw" was only because Royce could not finish Yoshida within the 2 round time limit. At times it seemed like Royce was more interested in inflicting damage on Yoshida than on submitting him. In fact, Royce started the match by kicking Yoshida in the groin just to prove a point - it was very intentional. Just look at their respective faces:

lol.. Royce seems like such a bad ass now.

royce always was.

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--- "In fact, Royce started the match by kicking Yoshida in the groin just to prove a point - it was very intentional. " ---

As always, Royce is all class.

LOL. A kickboxer I used to train with always advocated starting off with a groin kick. Take the point deduction, but he's all yours after that.

Man. Yoshida's face doesn't leave a lot of room for argument. He got his ASS kicked!

Especially useful when you demand that there can be no JD, so deductions don't count.

There is much to be learned from the Gracie Way, grasshopper!

royce is old school. if you fuck w/ him, he's not one to forget.

yocheata cheated by lying and pretending that royce was choked out last fight.

royce was just returning the favor.

payback is a pain in the balls.


Wow Gumby. You had 52 posts in three years. I guess you only come on to offer insights like that.

I agree with Andy on all points.

I like Yoshida, and I've never judged him on any of the, "he said, she said" controvercies that happened since their last fight. He also fought well against Silva.

But the one sole thing that is undeniable, is he actively tried (and was successful) to get their first fight prematurely stopped.

I think Royce came out, and with that kick said, "This for what you did the last time. Whatever happens after this kick is now, but this is for before".

It's definately Old School.

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"It just goes to show what a low life piece of shit Royce is. " - Yoshida's Boyfriend

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For all the people acting like the "groin shot" had any effect.

True it was a draw but royce even admited that but it sounds like yosh still got his ass kicked.

Shamrock got one shot in that whole fight. Did not kick Royce's ass.

I have not seen the fight but most people agree and from the PBP it sounds like Royce had the dominating positions and was landing huge shots.