Royce Gracie - Dodger Game

Royce Gracie will be throwing out the first pitch at the Dodger game on Tuesday, May 23rd.



Think he'll land in the dirt?

That is awesome!!

Will he wear the Gi?

sweet i hope he doesnt throw like carl lewis

That'd be sweet if he threw an ephis pitch

Good for Royce! Throw it right down the pipe!

if theyre playing the giants get barry to stand at the plate so he can beam in the head

I bet he can sing better than Carl Lewis

I think that he should wear the Gi.

Does he get to choke someone out before he tosses the pitch???


royce could choke out tommy lasorda lol jk

hope he isnt injured

Will he be able to throw it to home plate from his back?

I hope someone charges the mound.

"Is this serious?"

Yes. Dodgers play the Rockies.