Royce Gracie in NZ (CLIP)

Hey guys,

Royce Gracie was here in New Zealand in April, and there was recently a piece on a local sports show about his seminar here.

Go to for the clip.



Why the playa hating? It said "undefeated in the UFC." Clearly. And the piece also showed his record as 12-2-2.

"MEST- "Why the playa hating?"

Im not really sure what you are saying because I dont speak NONSENSE" - OneManArmy


OneManArmy does not understand your question, what you need to do is search the web and find a NONSENSE-to-DUMBASS translator. Good luck!

Lets not forgot Royce has never been KO'd or submitted. His only losses were from his cornermen.

Royce still has a loss to Harold Howard. He forfeited the match.



Thanks for the ttt's. Hopefully this will build up BJJ/MMA in NZ.

Squatdog is correct.