Royce Gracie talks history, future

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Royce Gracie talks history, future and more


MMA Evolution welcomes The Legend Royce Gracie.  This was one of my favorite interviews to do.  Funny thing is I never really thought of myself as much of a Royce Gracie fan.  A fan yes; but not like I’m a fan of Randy.  Well I will say this – the second I heard the mans voice and realized how much he and his family have given to this sport – I was awed.  Royce was open, friendly; talks about possible upcoming fights, his family and the Gracie legacy.

We also have Tara Larose back on and have some fun MMA Evolution style.  Don’t miss it.

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ttt royce is a legend!

Royce is one of the coolest fighters in person. Super nice, approachable and interesting to talk with. I accept some people don't like him and such, but no one who knows this sport can deny his critical role in its evolution in America. I still wish Royce could have fought Hughes before BJ beat him.



It's been said many times, but...

Royce is still the greatest champ the sport's ever had. He captured the imagination of the public in a way no one else ever will, I think.

It was hard to not see him as "your" champ. BJJ guys saw BJJ rule the world. Grapplers in general saw the ground game win. Non-buff guys saw the "skinny Brazilian kid" win. Only speedo-clad roid monkeys had reason to hate, and most of them still loved him.

What do you think of him picking Akibono (sp?)

Royce is a legend





Ken/Royce 3?

I just don't know if that'd be worth watching?

Ken would have to maintain a fast pace to keep the fight interesting.

God help us if they just circle and then lay in the middle of the ring for an hour.

You guys do good interviews.

Royce is the man.


Royce can pick and choose to fight whoever he wants because he has earned it! He is not a young man anymore and has fought wars in the rings/cages. He has fought top guys such as Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Kazushi Sakuraba, Hideko Yoshida etc. and IMO is the TRUE Gracie family champion. Always full of class and heart...Royce is da man!


Thanks - He was really easy to talk to and far more open then most fighters. Many fighters are concerned about where their next check is coming from. Royce and Randy are about the only two who seemed like they were going to say what ever they wanted to say and would say on the air everything they would say off the air.

LOL @ Willybone

Big TTT for Royce, great interview.