Royce Gracie wants to fight at UFC Brazil in Augus

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                                Royce Gracie wants to fight at UFC Brazil in August

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Royce Gracie was one of Dana White’s guests at the event promoting the UFC’s arrival in Brazil come August 27, in Rio de Janeiro.

It didn’t take long for the promotion’s first champion to field the question, “Will you be fighting at UFC Rio?”

With a smile, the veteran replied:

“We’re negotiating. I’m always well trained!”

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Please no. I am still trying to get over what Hughes did to him.

I know I'm going to hell for even suggesting this but I want to see Royce vs. Sakuraba 3.

I've been harping that, "Sakuraba should retire" for awhile now but at least against Royce he'd be fighting a grappler with limited stand up who is actually older than him. At least seeing two veterans try to settle the score (even if it is a sad reminder of what they used to be) is better than watching Royce get destroyed against a new era fighter, which would be even sadder.

they'll resign james toney and have him fight royce.

No thanks.

 oh lord ...

BJJkilla - they'll resign james toney and have him fight royce.

 That is kind of a cool idea.

I like Toney or Sakuraba 3 Phone Post

Aldo will be on this card ? Phone Post

respect the elders' of our sport and get over your own lil'egos.........much axe to Royce.......

ttt for Royce fighting on the UFC Brazil card

im pro-gracie and Royce will always have a place in my mind/hart,,, but please, No

BJJkilla - they'll resign james toney and have him fight royce.

Must happen!

 Royce in a 50/50 chance of winning fight would be awesome.

Putting him in there with a top 15-20 doesn't make much sense.

Royce vs Jimmerson II

 All Jimmerson needs to do is stuff takedowns now...That would be EPIC

Ghan - Royce Gracie vs James Toney, make it happen Dana! Can they still get a HW vs a WW sanctioned though?

It is in Brazil- do that have athletic control boards like the US?

Royce vs Wallid only.

 He will get destroyed by anyone other than a "classic old-timer" match like Sak or Ken Sham

Royce vs Toney actually makes sense.